BPA-Free Microwave Cover: Our 5 Favorite Picks

BPA-Free Microwave Covers for Mess-Free Heating

Nobody likes cleaning splattered food out of their microwave. No one likes soggy, “somehow-half-cooked-half-cold” food, either. A microwave cover can help you attack both of these issues head-on. But a BPA-free microwave cover is far safer than many cheaper options on the market.

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What is a BPA-Free Microwave Cover? Why Get One?

A microwave cover is a handy tool that you can place over your plates or bowls when you put them in the microwave. The cover protects your device from splashes and splatter while also keeping your food at an optimal temperature. 

But a lot of conventional microwave covers are made from plastics that contain Bisphenol A, or BPA. You’ve probably heard buzz about BPA, and for good reason. This chemical is notorious for causing harm to many bodily processes. It’s known to mimic estrogen, which means it can disrupt normal hormone activity and potentially affect reproductive health.

BPA has also been linked to many other health issues, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. While it’s hard to say exactly how much BPA it takes to cause problems, experts generally recommend avoiding unnecessary exposure. That’s where a BPA-free microwave cover can help. These products avoid BPA, even if they contain plastic.

Top 5 BPA-Free Microwave Covers: How We Chose

Aside from looking for microwave covers made without BPA, we also looked for products that are made to last. To judge their durability and quality, we examined dozens of customer testimonials. Our picks also come with unique benefits that make them worth the investment. We want to uplift products we believe in, and each of these picks gets the job done right without breaking the bank. 

Our Picks

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1. Tovolo Vented Collapsible Medium Microwave Cover

Tovolo's Vented Collapsible BPA-Free Cover
MaterialsBPA-free silicone and plastic
Fits Plates Up To10”
Price at Publishing$9.99

The Tovolo BPA-free microwave cover is a best-seller thanks to its easy-to-use design, durable materials, and easy care instructions.


Unlike many other microwave covers out there, this pick is collapsible. It pops up to 3” tall to cover dishes. It also shrinks to a flat disc for easy storage. Finally, it features an easy-grip handle to make grabbing your food simple.

Things to Consider

While the Medium size option is the most popular, there are other microwave covers from Tovolo to choose from. You can find small and large sizes for a similar price point.

2. BPA-Free Microwave Splatter Cover 2-Pack

Clean Cooking: BPA-Free Splatter Cover 2-Pack for Your Microwave
MaterialsPolypropylene, BPA-free plastic
Fits Plates Up To10”
Price at Publishing$12.96 for 2-pack

This set of BPA-free covers is a great value. It keeps your food from getting too moist as it heats, so you get the perfect results every time.


These covers are made of polypropylene, a material used in products like nursing bottles. They withstand high temperatures and are completely dishwasher safe. 

Things to Consider

Make sure you don’t microwave these covers for more than 10 minutes at a time. They’re not safe for use anywhere other than your microwave, either!

3. Nordic Ware 10” Deluxe Plate Cover

Upgrade to a Deluxe Plate Cover: BPA-Free Microwave Solution
MaterialsBPA- and Melamine-free plastic
Fits Plates Up To10”
Price at Publishing$12

This thick and sturdy Nordic Ware microwave cover is a great choice if you want something a little more durable.


Not only is this cover strong, but it’s also stackable! All Nordic Ware products are made in the USA and fit the Nordic Ware 2-Sided Bacon and Meat Grill as a special bonus.

Things to Consider

Believe it or not, this microwave cover comes with a 5-year warranty. While it’s a great product at a great price, the cover is not machine washable, so it’s not the easiest to maintain.

4. Silicone Microwave Plate Cover by EZY ACTIVE

Black Silicone BPA-Free Microwave Plate Cover: Stylish & Safe
MaterialsTempered glass, silicone
Fits Plates Up To11”
Price at Publishing$36.99

Invest in a piece that will last years with this glass BPA-free microwave cover from Amazon seller EZY ACTIVE. It’s got a great reputation for durability and seems to hold up to heat and use over time very well.


The tempered glass and silicone used in this cover help it avoid adding taste to food when it’s reheating. The cover also utilizes a 98-hole ventilation system to keep your food from getting wet during heating. It even collapses down for easy storage.

Things to Consider

We were surprised to see that this BPA-free microwave cover comes with a 5-year warranty. This should hopefully give you some peace of mind about your investment (since this is one of the priciest options out there).

5. Budget Find: Nordic Ware Plate Cover

Nordic Ware Plate Cover: BPA-Free Microwave Essential
MaterialsBPA- and Melamine-free plastic
Fits Plates Up To11”
Price at Publishing$1.99

Turn back to Nordic Ware for an affordable BPA-free microwave cover that gets the job done right. 


This no-frills option comes with the typical vents you’d expect to see on a cover, but it also has an easy-grip handle. Plus, it’s hard to pass up a price tag that’s less than $5, especially for a product from a quality brand.

Things to Consider

Like our other Nordic Ware product find, this microwave cover is backed by a 5-year warranty. Stock up on as many as you’d like risk-free!

How to Shop for a BPA-Free Microwave Cover

To choose a BPA-free microwave cover that fits your needs, take a good look at the material used in a product you’re considering. Ensure that the product is made without BPA – if it doesn’t specifically say it’s BPA-free, it probably isn’t. 

Once you’ve found options that are BPA-free, narrow down your search to those within your budget or that have specific features you need. If you’re still torn, we recommend choosing covers from reputable companies that are committed to sustainability and safety. 

From there, all you need to do is wait for your BPA-free microwave cover to arrive! A few minutes is all it takes to make a sound purchase you can be proud of.

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