Editorial Team

Welcome to Do Good HQ! Thanks for being here. We are a lifestyle resource focused on common sense sustainability.

We know the world of natural, organic, sustainable, and all-around better for you and the planet can be a confusing one. And a sometimes (but not always) pricey one.

We will not tell you to throw out everything you own and buy greener versions. As a matter of fact, we’d like it a whole lot if you kept on using up the things you love to avoid adding to landfills.

Instead, we’re here to search out sustainably-minded alternatives to practical products. We want you to have the information you need to move forward. Take our research and use it to make a thoughtful decision when you’re ready. We’re working our way through this too, trying to do right by ourselves and our planet.

Part of what that means is making this process enjoyable. None of us should be stressed out about buying the right eco-friendly anything! Mindful, yes. Stressed, no. So please sit back, relax, peruse the site, soak up the information, and know that every little step you take is making a difference.

Wendy Toth

Content Lead

Hi there, I’m Wendy Toth, a long-time journalist-turned-publisher. I’ve been creating digital media for over 15 years, including writing producing, and packaging content for top publications like NBC, PetSmart, Everyday Health, Ask Men, and The New York Times. For the last five years, I’ve also had a wonderful side business career coaching as a way to support other creatives in feeling as fulfilled in their work as I do. In my free time, I’m usually with my husband and two spirited kiddos either spoiling our dog and cat, playing soccer with friends, or doing yoga, which I need badly after playing goalie!

Nick Pirlis

Operations Lead

Hello! I’m Nick Pirlis, a media entrepreneur with 15 years of agency and publisher experience building teams, serving audiences, and delivering successful programs for brands such as PetSmart, Petco, Hill’s Pet, Nestlé, Overstock, Red Roof Inn & more. If you see a chihuahua-pekingese mix named Feta strolling through Philadelphia, I’m probably the guy holding her leash. When I’m not enjoying the city, I’m at the beach boating with my godchildren or on a snowboarding trip with friends.

Amy Steel

Product Lead

Welcome to our site! I’m Amy Steel, a senior marketing and operations executive with over 20 years under my belt working across all kinds of industries including pet, fashion, and collectibles. I love developing new talent, innovating old business models, and creating systems to support thoughtful hands-on execution. When I’m not doing any of those things, I’m remodeling a tiny cabin with my family, waking up way too early to mountain bike or continuing on the perpetual journey to improve my tennis game.

Siobhan Brier Aguilar


Hello, my name is Siobhan Brier Aguilar and I’m a writer, editor, and translator. I’ve been an expat since 2018 and a digital nomad since 2019, and I write personal essays about my travels and interests on SiobhanBrier.com. In my free time, I love to write fiction, and I’ve authored a historical fiction play called The Superlatives and a novel called Equator. I also do SEO writing and translation work through a small agency called Inkless.

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