Our Review Process

We use our product and content review process to help you think before you buy.

Our team of writers and editors carefully researches the marketplace. We fine product options that go above common expectations for sustainably-mined attributes. These include overall quality, types of material used, manufacturing process, and giveback programs.

Not every shopper can always afford items made from  100% sustainable materials; so we consider value as well. We give consumers a way to start where they are, and do what they can.

First we narrow down a selection of products to include in a piece. Then we review brand reputation and customer experiences. We want to uplift sellers who give back in more ways than just sustainable product creation. The entire process-including options for making returns, and communicating with customer service-are considered in our final evaluation.

We strive to provide informed recommendations and incorporate both “highlights” and “things to consider” with each product. Potential shoppers can weigh the details against their needs and budget, ultimately making a decision that works and feels good.

Our content and recommended products are for informational purposes only.
Do Good HQ does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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