5 Reusable Tea Bags: Sustainability on a Budget

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Whether you’re on a mission to minimize waste or simply don’t love the idea of consuming plastics, reusable tea bags might be the perfect solution. In a market that’s heavily condensed with competing products flashing fancy buzzwords, it’s easy for plenty of waste-creating or potentially toxic items to slip through the cracks. Tea bags are one of the biggest offenders. 

There’s more than meets the eye lurking in most disposable tea bags – but you can protect yourself and the planet by choosing biodegradable and reusable options instead. 

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What is a Reusable Tea Bag, Exactly? How Does it Work?

A reusable tea bag is usually made from a sturdy material like cotton. It can typically be washed either by hand or in a dishwasher and reused repeatedly. Some reusable tea bags might not be strong enough to last multiple uses, but most importantly, they’re biodegradable.

Many people assume all tea bags are biodegradable – and tea companies would love for you to think they are! – but this isn’t always the truth. Many top tea bag brands don’t use biodegradable materials or seal their bags with polypropylene, a known carcinogen. Some bags are even made entirely out of plastic. 

This might seem relatively harmless, but research suggests otherwise. One 2019 study found that a single tea bag can release billions of microplastics and nanoplastics. That’s right – billions! Opting for reusable tea bags is a simple way to avoid putting more microplastics into your body than you need to. 

Top 5 Reusable Tea Bags: How We Chose

To pick the best out there, we considered materials above all else. We looked for tea bags made with cotton or other sustainable materials that can be reused or are at least biodegradable. We also examined price and quantity to determine which reusable bags were the best deal. Take a look at these top five product finds to see which tea bags might be right for you. 

Our Picks

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1. Housim Reusable Cotton Tea Bags

Housim Reusable Cotton Tea Bags: Eco-friendly, unbleached.
MaterialUnbleached cotton cheesecloth
Quantity50 pieces

These eco-friendly and cotton reusable options from Housim are a top pick thanks to their low price point and sustainable manufacturing. The bags are unbleached and feature a simple drawstring design to keep tea leaves from spilling. 


Add up to seven spoonfuls or so of your own loose tea to customize your experience every time you use a Housim bag. Customers note that these little bags are more durable than you might think, sometimes lasting for as many as 50 uses!

Things to Consider

Ensure you don’t tie these bags completely closed when preparing them for use. It can be tricky to untie them when it’s time to clean and dry them for next time. 

2. EORTA Reusable Tea Strainer Bags

EORTA reusable tea strainer bags for convenient brewing.
Quantity50 pieces

This simple and effective choice from EORTA is another great find, though it are a bit pricier than our top pick.


We love that these bags are made of 100% food-grade, non-toxic cotton that’s safe for regular use. You won’t find any sneaky plastic or synthetic materials here! 

Things to Consider

These bags are a little on the smaller side, so they might not be the best pick if you like to brew large amounts of tea at a time. 

3. TamBee 3 x 4 Inch Drawstring Reusable Tea Bags

TamBee drawstring tea bags: reusable, versatile for loose leaf.
Material100% cotton
Quantity25 or 50 pieces

For smaller options fit for everyday use, try these finds from TamBee. Choose from 25- or 50-piece orders to get the quantity you need for a fair price. 


Like some of our other finds, these tea bags are made of durable cotton, which helps them stand the test of time. They also feature the classic drawstring function to help keep your tea safely in the bag. 

Things to Consider

Some customers note that it’s easy for the strings attached to these bags to get stuck or not close properly, potentially leading to leaks. This can be a hazard for all reusable tea bags, so take the time to seal them up carefully.

4. Ecurfu Silicone Tea Infusers

Four-pack silicone tea infusers with spoon for loose leaf.
Quantity1, 4, or 6 pieces

Looking for something a bit different? These silicone tea bags are simple to clean and distinguish from one another. 


The fun and bright colors you see on these bags are stylish, but they also make it easy to remember whose tea bag you have. This is great for families, roommates, or offices where you might want to keep your gear separate. They’re even dishwasher-safe!

Things to Consider

The holes throughout the silicone on these bags are small, so it can sometimes be challenging to brew a strong cup of tea with them. But, if you have the time to let your tea steep for a few extra minutes, you should be able to offset this challenge.

5. Next Best Thing: Exptolii Snap Ball Tea Strainers

Exptolii Snap Ball Tea Strainer: stainless steel infuser.
MaterialStainless steel
Quantity2 or 3 pieces

Skip the tea bags and prepare your perfect cup with these reusable tea strainers. Simply add your loose-leaf tea to the meh ball and allow it to steep.


These strainers use a super-fine stainless steel mesh to ensure no particles are floating around in your tea. They also feature a no-slip long handle that’s sturdy enough to stay closed in your hot water. 

Things to Consider

If you’re looking for something you can leave sitting in your tea while you drink it, this might not be the product for you. But it does make cleaning and reusing your tea equipment simple! 

How to Find Reusable Tea Bags for Your Needs

Before you make the final call on your reusable tea bags, think about these key features. 

  • Price: What does the reusable tea bag offer compared to its price? 
  • Material: There are many materials out there to choose from. Some, like stainless steel, offer extra durability, while others, like cotton, may be more accessible. 
  • Size: Make sure your reusable tea bags fit inside the teapot or strainer you plan to use. 
  • Quantity: The more tea you make, the more reusable tea bags you’ll need.
  • Processing: If you’re concerned about health benefits and safety, you probably will want to opt for reusable tea bags that have been minimally processed and aren’t bleached. 

How to Clean Reusable Tea Bags

As a final note, understanding how to clean your reusable tea bag can help you keep it in top shape for years. Most bags can be gently washed with soap and warm water and then left to air dry. Other bags might be sturdy enough to make it through your dishwasher. Check your package’s instructions for the best guidelines. 

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge you need to find and maintain your ideal reusable tea bag, it’s time to start shopping! Good luck, and happy sipping!

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