The 5 Best Brands for Backpacks Made in USA

Davis Daypack in EPX Coyote color, perfect for everyday use, shown on a woman hiking over river rocks

Almost everyone uses a backpack at some point in their lifetime. Many of us use it for far more than carrying school books. A sturdy backpack is like an extension of ourselves: it supports us, carries everything we need, and always has our back (literally). You can invest in a product you’ll love and support local job growth by looking for  backpacks made in USA. We’ve got the brand picks that will help you get started.

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What are Backpacks Made in the USA?

What does it really mean to be “made in the USA?” There are several stages that go into product creation. In many cases, the first step, designing, happens in the US, Canada, or Europe. But the later steps, like sourcing and crafting, tend to be outsourced to overseas factories. 

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing products made overseas. But it’s also completely fair to want to shop locally! Backpacks made in the USA help support local economies, create sustainable jobs, and promote fair labor practices. Our product picks are not only thought up in the USA but constructed and packaged here, too. 

Top 5 Backpacks Made in the USA: How We Chose

There are lots of brands offering backpacks made in the USA. We selected our favorites based on their design, durability, materials, and company reputation. We only chose brands we trust to deliver consistent and quality products for a fair price. Brands that give back to local communities or to the planet get bonus points!

Our Picks

Full List: Our Favorite Brands for Backpacks Made in the USA

Check out any of our favorite brands to view full collections of USA-made backpacks.

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1. Duluth Pack

Olive Drab Bushcrafter Backpack - Made in USA
Best forEveryday, Outdoor, Kids
Price Range$$ – $$$

It’s hard to think of a bigger name for backpacks made in the USA than Duluth Pack. This beloved brand creates more types of bags than we could possibly list at once. There’s something here for everyone. 


Duluth Packs use sturdy, durable materials. They come in all shapes and sizes. From fanny packs to outdoor hiking gear and even children’s styles, Duluth Pack does it all!

Things to Consider

Duluth Pack offers a lifetime warranty for all of its products. This covers defects. It does not cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage. You can send your bag in for repair for a small fee.

2. North St. Backpacks

Daypack 20L in Burgundy, Made in USA
Best forEveryday
Price Range$$

Count on North St. Bags for classic USA-made backpacks that are perfect for casual, everyday use. Its designs are straightforward and functional. Carry everything you need.


All North St. backpacks are made in Portland, Oregon, using quality materials. These bags can last for years. Rest assured you’ll be investing in something designed with care.

Things to Consider

Like many of our other brand picks, North St. offers repairs and replacements for backpacks with craftsmanship issues. If your pack gets worn down or damaged by normal use or an accident, get it repaired for a small charge. 

3. Mystery Ranch

Catalyst 18 backpacks, made in the USA, available in the color Noble Fir
Best forEveryday, Outdoor, Hunting, Work
Price Range$ – $$

Look no further than Mystery Ranch for all of your backpack needs. The brand creates everything from fire and military-grade backpacks to casual, everyday school bags. And yes, everything is made right here in the USA.


Mystery Ranch has set out to create the best “load-bearing equipment” on the planet. That means their bags are extra durable and spacious. The brand even thoughtfully creates its smaller packs. They can survive even the toughest commutes or journeys.

Things to Consider

Variety and quality are Mystery Ranch’s strongest points. If you want something super stylish or colorful, you might not love the brand’s subtle designs.

4. Topo Designs

Rover Pack Classic backpacks, made in the USA, available in the color Rose/Geode Green
Best forTravel, Everyday
Price Range$ – $$

Topo Designs creates American-made backpacks and luggage pieces. Take something reliable wherever you go. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to find the right bags for your trip!


Water-resistant materials, heavy-duty zippers, and fabrics from certified dye mills help Topo Designs’s packs stand out. The packs use recycled materials. They are constructed in factories that uphold fair labor standards for all. 

Things to Consider

Topo Designs has a MAP Guarantee, which is a lifetime warranty against any defects in materials or craftsmanship. As usual, the warranty does not cover any damage you cause yourself. You can be reimbursed for repairing your pack. This neat option helps you keep your pieces in circulation for longer.

5. Zpacks

Zpacks Arc Haul Ultra 40L Backpack in Dusk Blue, proudly made in the USA
Best forOutdoor
Price Range$$ – $$$

If you’re looking for something designed for the great outdoors, Zpacks is the brand for you. These USA-made backpacks carry a lot without breaking your back as you move and explore.


Zpacks offers functional packs that are great for hikers and runners. Adjustable straps and torsos, interchangeable belts, and optional add-ons make it easy to create something that’s all your own. 

Great for hikers, designed to be comfortable and cool, adjustable straps and torsos, interchangeable belts, and a variety of modular add-ons

Things to Consider

Zpacks doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty for its backpacks. A two-year limited warranty protects you from defects. This does not include wear and tear or other forms of damage. Fortunately, the brand does offer repairs! You don’t have to toss your pack over something simple like a broken zipper. 

How to Shop for a Backpack Made in the USA

Choose from any of these backpacks made in the USA! As you shop for your favorites, it makes sense to consider how you plan to use the bag and what your priorities are.

Do you care most about style? Function? Space? Weight? Do you need your backpack to be waterproof, or is it more important that it has lots of pocket space? No matter what kind of pack you need, you’re sure to find something you’ll love from any of our favorite brands. 

Image via North St. Bags

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