Cotton Compression Socks: 5 Best, Based on Our Research

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Your feet do a lot for you. They might help you walk, run, hike, work, and explore the world. But all that life can be tiring and even damaging over time. Pressure on your feet, ankles, and legs can lead to swelling and even contribute to the development of varicose veins. Especially if you stand for long periods of your day, do your feet a favor: invest in a pair of good compression socks. Cotton compression socks are extra soft and breathable, providing all-day comfort that will help you take the world by storm.

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What are Cotton Compression Socks? Why Cotton?

You’re probably no stranger to cotton; it is one of the most common materials used in clothing, bedding, and more. So, why choose cotton compression socks? For one thing, cotton is ultra-soft and gentle. It’s fluffy, lightweight, and highly breathable, which helps cut back on sweating and discomfort. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. If you want compression socks that will stay fresh and comfortable for years, cotton is for you.

Top 5 Cotton Compression Socks: How We Chose

As we searched for the best cotton compression socks available, we considered a few key factors:

  • Materials: The more cotton present in the socks, the better. We gave extra consideration to 100% cotton options, too.
  • Quality: Based on customer experiences and item composition, we gave each item a general quality score that impacts its rank.
  • Brand Reputation: We want to uplift products we trust to be worth the money. Brands we know deliver quality options took the top of our list.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite cotton compression socks!

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. The Compression Socks by Away Travel

Navy compression socks from Away on a tan background
CertificationsNot listed
Material100% organic hemp fiber
Machine Washable?Yes, with some exceptions

Whether you’re staying in or are on the go, these organic cotton compression socks are there to keep you steady. They’re made with super soft organic cotton and Coolmax polyester, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable no matter what the day throws your way.


These socks are one of the few options that use organic materials. That means they’re not exposed to any pesticides or nasty chemicals that can irritate the skin. They also slide on and off very easily but still manage to stay rooted in place once fully on.

Things to Consider

It’s a bit pricey for a single pair of these socks, but we’d argue they’re worth the investment. Organic cotton is durable enough to stand the test of time, so you’ll purchase socks that will (hopefully) stick around for years.

2. Bombas Everyday Compression Socks

cotton compression socks from Bombas with black stripes on a white background
Material64% cotton, 17% polyester, 13% nylon, 6% spandex
Compression Level15-20 mmHg
Machine WashableYes, air dry for best results

These simple cotton compression socks from Bombas are, as their name implies, perfect for everyday wear. They’re made with extra-durable yarn that’s resistant to daily wear and tear.


These socks feature a Honeycomb Support System, which cradles the arch of your foot for extra support. They’re also lined with extra cushioning in the parts of your foot that receive the most pressure.

Things to Consider

There aren’t many color options to choose from here, nor are there any unique designs. But if a simple sock is what you’re after, these are a great choice! Don’t forget; Bombas gives back by donating a pair for every pair purchased.

3. Amazon Essentials Men’s Graduated Compression Socks

Grey cotton compression socks from Amazon on a white background
Material64% cotton, 33% nylon, 3% elastane
Machine Washable?Yes
Price Range$$$

Keep your circulation in check with these over-the-knee compression socks from Amazon. They’re specifically designed for men, but they could likely work for anyone so long as you can fit into a men’s 6-12 size shoe.


Customers rave about these socks and how comfortable they are. This makes sense, given that they’re primarily made with cotton. They’re also great at staying in place during your day.

Things to Consider

These socks come in a three-pack, so you pay one low price for enough pairs to last half a week. Talk about a bargain!

4. SocksLane Cotton Compression Socks

Charcoal grey cotton compressions socks being worn
MaterialCotton (65% cotton; other materials not listed)
Compression Level 15-20 mmHg
Machine Washable?No, hand wash only

For a sturdy, thick pair of cotton compression socks, look no further than this pick from SocksLane.


These socks feature a unisex design, so they can easily work for people of any gender. Their medical-grade compression and soft, thick feel make them a popular choice for healthcare workers.

Things to Consider

We’re not entirely sure what else besides cotton is in these socks. If you’re sensitive to certain materials, you might want to skip these.

5. Budget Find: Hanes Premium Men’s Compression Crew Socks

Black Hanes Cotton Compression socks in a 3-pack
Material50% polyester, 39% cotton, 7% nylon, 4% spandex
Compression Level8-15 mmHg
Machine Washable?Yes

We love these staple men’s compression socks from Hanes because they’re a great deal and are versatile enough for exercising, daily use, travel, or whatever else you’ve got on your plate. This value pack fits men’s shoe sizes 6-12.


These socks are designed to help regulate temperatures and keep your feet cool all day. They’re also made with high-impact cushioning for shock absorption. It’s hard to beat three pairs for $12, too!

Things to Consider

There’s more polyester in these socks than cotton, though there is still a decent balance between the two. Still, if you want to stick to a cotton-based blend, these might not be the best choice.

How to Find Cotton Compression Socks

With so many cotton compression socks to choose from, how can you sort out which ones are worth it (and which aren’t)? Ask yourself these questions to ensure you find your perfect pair.

  • What is the compression level? Most compression socks have about 15-20 mmHg of compression. But for some cotton compression socks, 20-30 mmHg is typical. Choose the compression level that best matches your needs.
  • What are the socks made out of? Do you want 100 percent cotton compression socks, or are you okay with a cotton blend? The more cotton in your socks, the softer they should be.
  • What size are the socks? Most socks cover sizes 4-11 for women and 6-12 for men, but others have wider or smaller size ranges. Make sure you’re choosing a pair that fits your feet!

You have what you need to find the right cotton compression socks. Now, get out there and start shopping!

Feature image by Valentin Balan on Unsplash

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