5 Recycled Purses: Look & Feel Amazing

Model in a tan sweater wearing a recycled purse from Rothy's

Bags are used by almost everyone and almost every day. As a result, your bag or purse is a product that you probably want to put some thought into. So why not choose a bag made from recycled materials? We’ve rounded up some of the best recycled purses to help you get started.

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What are Recycled Purses?

Simply put, a recycled purse is one made from recycled materials. These materials can be anything from plastic to leather, and they can come from anywhere. The most common sources are fashion industry leftovers and recycled plastic from the ocean or post-consumer bottles. While those materials may not seem desirable, they have been made into some truly beautiful and durable bags and purses. Give purses made from recycled materials a try – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Top 5 Recycled Purses: How We Chose

When choosing which recycled purses and bags to list here, we researched each company and its products. You can rest assured that every item in this article is both good for the environment and will look great in your hand. We only chose products with positive customer reviews and quality materials to ensure that you only get the best of the best with your purchase. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Kokolu Daily Plus Tote Bag

Everyday Elegance with blue Kokolu Tote
MaterialPost-consumer plastic bottles

Kokolu offers a wide variety of bags, mostly of the tote variety. Their Daily Plus Tote Bag is made from 20 post-consumer plastic bottles stripped and specially knitted into a plastic fabric. It can carry anything you need for your day thanks to its generous 11-inch width and 13-inch depth.


On top of its practicality, this recycled tote bag comes in a wide variety of colors. It also feels like nylon material due to the special weaving used to construct it rather than rigid bottle plastic, so you’ll always be comfortable no matter how you carry it.

Things to Consider

While orders can easily be canceled free of charge before they are shipped out, there is a tight seven-day return policy for all products.

Since this purse is made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s easy to wash. You can use your hands or a washing machine; all you need is soap and cold water. It’s also suggested to avoid using the dryer and to just leave it hung up to air dry instead.

2. The Daily Crossbody by Rothy’s

Rothy's Recycled Purse: Eco-Chic
MaterialApproximately 430 grams of ocean plastic

You’ll love the Daily Crossbody bag, especially if you live by an ocean shore. This purse is made from reclaimed ocean plastics that are gathered together, formed into yarn, and knitted into fabric. Even the thread used to stitch the pieces together is made from spun plastic bottles, similar to the previous Kokolu bag.


This recycled purse is 12.2 inches long and 8.3 inches tall, so it can comfortably be carried on your shoulder, in your hand, or across your torso.

The Daily Crossbody recycled purse also features two slip pockets inside to hold your cards and important notes in an easily accessible position. It even comes with its own wash bag to protect it during the cleaning process.

Things to Consider

You’ll have plenty of time to return your Rothy’s bag if you aren’t satisfied, as they have a 30-day return window. However, the original product tag must still be intact.

3. Standard Baggu

Baggu's Recycled Purse Essential in a floral pattern
MaterialPre-consumer nylon

You may think of plastic grocery bags when you see the Standard Baggu, but it far surpasses them. This bag is made from recycled nylon filament yarn, which was woven to create ripstop nylon, an incredibly durable fabric.

With impressive dimensions of a 25-inch height and 15-inch width, paired with eye-catching patterns and colors, you are sure to make a statement when you walk around with your recycled Standard Baggu purse.


Not only is the Standard Baggu made of pre-consumer recycled materials, but the packaging materials are all recycled as well. You can carry up to 50 pounds in this bag without worry.

Things to Consider

Any purchase over $50 receives free shipping, and returns are accepted up to 30 days from the purchase date.

4. Uashmama Giulia Carryall Tote Bag XS

Uashmama's Giulia tote bag in a bright red color
MaterialSignature washable paper, recycled cotton

If you think paper isn’t a useful textile, we encourage you to check out Uashmama and their washable paper bags. Their Giulia Carryall Tote Bag flaunts impressive size and durability and can easily become your daily bag.


The Giulia Carryall Tote is available in three sizes, but even the Extra Small (XS) is large enough to hold everything you need. You can even choose between matte colors and metallic finishes.

It also features an internal zip pocket to hold your more important items and a magnetic snap closure at the top. Plus, it’s water-resistant and washable.

Things to Consider

Due to its paper construction, the Giulia Carryall Tote is hand-wash only. Their return policy is at a comfortable 30 days, but you need to include the original receipt, and all tags need to be intact.

5. LeSportsac Deluxe Everyday Bag

LeSportsac: Your Recycled Purse in black
MaterialRecycled post-industrial fibers woven into ripstop fabric

You’ll be ready for whatever your day brings when you take your Deluxe Everyday Bag from LeSportsac. This recycled purse is made from post-industrial scrap fibers reconstituted into repurposed plastic fabric.

There are a plethora of zip closures throughout this recycled plastic purse, including three on the outside. The front compartment also features a zip extension for extra space if you need to pack more than usual.


The Deluxe Everyday Bag features an adjustable crossbody strap that can be extended to 52 inches long and is easily adjustable. Plus, it’s available in over 20 colors and patterns.

Things to Consider

LeSportsac offers a 30-day return policy so long as the bag is unwashed and in new condition. The entire process can be easily handled online.

How to Shop for a Recycled Purse You’ll Love

When you find yourself searching for your next bag, consider a purse made from recycled materials. These have a much smaller environmental impact and some even offer unique patterns and materials that you wouldn’t find in products made with brand new materials.

As you shop, consider your needs in terms of size and function – do you want a large tote or something smaller with more pockets? Are you searching for repurposed leather, recycled plastic bottles, or scrap materials that are given a new life?

No matter what decision you make, you’ll find unique options that are sure to fit your requirements when you opt for a recycled purse. We hope these picks help you find your perfect match!

Feature Image via Rothy’s

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