The 5 Best Recycled Wallet Finds: Our Favorites

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It pays to put thought into the wallet you purchase and use. It can reflect your style, personality, and ethics, especially when choosing a recycled wallet made from repurposed or organic materials.

Whether you’re taking it out to pay at the grocery store or a nice restaurant, a recycled wallet is a unique way to include extra eco-consciousness in your everyday life. If you’re wondering how to find a high-quality wallet made from recycled materials, we’ve put together a list of our top favorites for you to pick from.

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What is a Recycled Wallet? Why Get One?

A recycled wallet is similar to other products made from recycled materials in that little, or even none, of the wallet is constructed with all-new material. Some of the most common choices are repurposed leather, recycled plastic, and organic plant-based materials like vegan leather.

Not all wallets will advertise their recycled materials, so we’ve dug through the materials lists of multiple brands and individual products to find wallets that are truly made with the environment in mind.

Top 5 Recycled Wallets: How We Chose

Fashion and function go hand-in-hand with these recycled wallets. We looked for picks that gave a second life to previously used materials. We browsed through dozens of wallets made from recycled materials to find products we believe in from reputable sellers. Plus, they’ll look striking when pulled out of your purse or pocket!

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Freitag F558 Leonard

Freitag Leonard Recycled Wallet in green and white
MaterialRecycled polyester tarps with PVC lining from freight trucks

The F558 Leonard recycled wallet comes in several colors to match your style. Since these pieces are made from durable truck tarps, you can rest assured that they’ll last for years.


This wallet has enough slots to hold up to eight cards, includes pockets large enough to carry little notes, and features a zip pocket for your coins. You’ll also be able to open the center to hold your cash.

Each Freitag product is unique since they are cut from different truck tarps. Your wallet will truly be your own, even if you meet someone else with an F558 Leonard.

Things to Consider

Freitag is a Swiss company, so you may have to wait a while to receive your order from across the ocean. Their return policy is also a bit strict, so be sure to read it in full before ordering.

2. Hyer Goods Luxe Zip Wallet

Recycled Leather Luxe Zip Wallet in red
MaterialTextile industry scrap leather
SizeSmall, compact

Every Luxe Zip Wallet is part of a limited edition since only so many products can be made from the textile scraps that Hyer Goods uses. They feature five card pockets, two larger cash pockets, and a snap-close coin pocket.


Hyer Goods uses textile scraps, meaning they constantly have a unique and varied color selection. The Luxe Zip recycled wallet is a boxy piece, but it can easily be tucked into your pocket.

Things to Consider

While return shipping is free, you only have 14 days to send your wallet back if you’re unhappy with it. Plus, anything purchased with a sale of 30% off or more is final and cannot be returned.

3. Fire & Hide Wallet with Coin Pocket by Elvis & Kresse

Fire & Hide: Revolutionary Recycled Wallet
MaterialRepurposed scrap leather and decommissioned fire hose

Do more with a wallet than you ever thought possible with the Fire & Hide wallet from Elvis & Kresse. Each piece in the Fire & Hide series is made of decommissioned fire hoses from the London Fire Department. Plus, the leather exteriors are made from leather scraps left over by other companies from their larger products.


Each Fire & Hide wallet is handmade and includes unique details like hand-painted edges. When you purchase a Fire & Hide wallet, you are not only saving discarded fire hose plastics and rubbers from going into a landfill, but 50% of each sale goes to support the Fire Fighters Charity.

Things to Consider

Elvis & Kresse is a British company, so be aware of currency conversion and shipping times. If you choose to have your wallet personalized, read through their restrictions on what can be engraved inside, as there is a character limit.

4. Recycled Feed Bag Long Wallet by Malia Designs

Recycled Feed Bag Wallet shown in a variety of colors
MaterialRepurposed feed bags

You will surely have a unique piece in your bag when you leave your house with a Recycled Feed Bag wallet from Malia Designs. Each one is made in collaboration with Damnok Toek, a Cambodian that assists children and their families with a focus on fighting child abuse and human trafficking.


By purchasing a Recycled Feed Bag wallet, you are directly supporting a dedicated group that fights against child abuse and trafficking in Cambodia.

On top of that, your wallet will boast bright colors and unique patterns that will catch eyes when you take it out to pay. Plus, since they are made from recycled feed bags, every piece has a different design on it from a different part of the bag.

Things to Consider

You can return your wallet for a full refund or a new product within 30 days of your initial purchase. It needs to include the original receipt, or you will receive an exchanged product or store credit based on the current price.

5. Budget Pick: BEEN London Lea Wallet

Lea Recycled Wallet: Sustainable Style shown in a camel colored pebbled leather design
MaterialDiscarded fashion industry leather

Though it is the smallest on our list, the Lea Wallet is no less impressive or important. Each is made from the trimmings left by the fashion industry from their larger products, meaning no new material is used to create these wallets. A magnetic button keeps them securely closed.


The discarded leather used for the Lea Wallet is reformed using water rather than adhesives, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Things to Consider

BEEN London’s return window is only 14 days, or two weeks, so stay aware of the date if you ever want to send something back.

How to Choose a Recycled Wallet

If you decide to expand your search for a reliable recycled wallet beyond our list, be sure to read through the company’s practices and philosophies. Every company listed here works their environmentally and socially conscious values into each product they offer, not just these wallets. 

Along with vetting the company, thoroughly read the materials list to see which materials are recycled. Don’t be afraid to look up reviews or even contact their customer service if you have other questions about their manufacturing.

Whichever recycled material wallet you choose, you are sure to feel good about your impact on the world and your style.

Photo by Georgi Srebrev on Unsplash

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