Sustainable Graphic T Shirts: 5 Brands We Love

Elevate your style sustainably with the Grateful Dead X Pact Graphic Tee for men

Everyone likes to look their best, but few of us feel great about investing in clothing that we know does more harm than good. Who said that being fashionable has to mean being wasteful? We’ve gathered up some of our favorite sustainable graphic t shirts from brands we love to make it easy for you to find unique pieces that won’t end up in the trash.

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What are Sustainable Graphic T Shirts?

Graphic t-shirts bring fun pops of color and design to your outfits, but they’re also often made using cheap materials that end up sitting in landfills for decades. You can find casually chic pieces that feel great and reduce your impact on the planet by shopping with sustainable brands. Responsibly sourced materials, fair labor practices, and an effort to give back to the Earth help our sustainable t-shirt brand picks ensure their products make a difference.

Top 5 Sustainable T Shirt Brands: How We Chose

We looked at each brand’s materials, sustainability efforts, and business practices to choose our favorites. Each brand below goes above and beyond to create minimal waste, use non-toxic materials, and create products that are made to last – not be tossed within a few months. 

Our Picks

Full List: Our Favorite Sustainable T Shirt Brands 

Check out each brand’s full apparel collection for more sustainable t shirts and other threads you’ll love.

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1. Tentree

Open Road T-Shirt in Graphite Lavender, designed for women
CertificationsCertified B Corporation, Climate Neutral
MaterialsRecycled cotton, recycled polyester, TENCEL lyocell
Price Range$$

Tentree is a go-to for sustainable t-shirts and all kinds of clothing made to last. Their graphic tees are classic and stylish – so whether you’re heading out or staying in, you’ll be in good shape!


In true Tentree fashion, each graphic t-shirt purchase comes with positive change. Tentree plants ten trees for each purchase to make up for the impact its production has on the planet. Plus, Tentree uses recycled materials and upholds fair, safe working conditions for all its construction teams.

Things to Consider

While these graphic tees are perfect for everyday wear thanks to their slim fit, they’re also not the most size-inclusive. Only XS-XL sizes are available. 

2. Pact

Discover sustainable graphic  with the Usual Suspect Grateful Dead X Pact Graphic Tee, designed for women
Usual Suspect Grateful Dead X Pact Graphic T-Shirt
CertificationsFair Trade, GOTS
MaterialsOrganic cotton
Price Range$ – $$

Pact leads the way for sustainable men’s and women’s t-shirts. Their fabrics are spun using organic cotton, which is super soft and breathable. Take your pick from several patterns and modern designs that are subtle, but clever.


The certified organic cotton in these shirts is grown with minimal water and grown to cause as little water pollution as possible. Each tee is also made in a Fair Trade Certified factory and crafted with care so that it stands the test of time. 

Things to Consider

Pact also offers graphic tanks and solid tees if their graphic t-shirt collection isn’t up your alley. 

3. Allbirds

Women's Recycled Tee in Natural Black, reading "Mother Nature Made Us Do It, AllBirds"
Men's Recycled Tee in Sugar Burst Natural Black
CertificationsClimate Neutral
MaterialsRecycled materials, Merino wool, organic cotton
Price Range$ – $$

Invest in something timeless from Allbirds, which crafts both sustainable women’s apparel and men’s clothing pieces using recycled and ethically-sourced materials. 


Allbirds keeps it simple with its graphic tees: the designs are gorgeous but laid-back enough for everyday wear. The brand uses water-based inks to create the graphics instead of toxic dyes or chemicals. As a Climate Neutral company, Allbirds also balances its emissions by funding high-impact carbon projects. 

Things to Consider

Allbirds doesn’t have as many graphic tee options as some of our other picks, but it does sell plenty of basics that are great for building up a sustainable wardrobe. 

4. Patagonia

Experience eco-conscious style with the Women's Capilene Graphic Shirt in Milkweed Mauve X-Dye
Step up your sustainable style with the Men's P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee in White
CertificationsFair Trade
MaterialsRecycled materials, cotton
Price Range$$

We know we can count on Patagonia for sustainable clothing for men and women. The brand’s staple graphic t-shirts are perfect for outdoor wear, as they’re extremely light and breathable (without being see-through). 


All Patagonia shirts are made in Fair Trade Certified factories, so you can rest assured that you’re supporting fair labor practices. The brand also partners with 1% for the Planet, which means 1% of its profits are donated to environmental projects. 

Things to Consider

Most of Patagonia’s pieces have the brand’s logo and imagery – mountains and colorful sunsets – on them. So, if that’s not your style, you might want to look elsewhere to stock up on graphic tees. 

5. prANA

The Paxton Striped Short Sleeve Tee in Cliffside, shown on both a man and a woman
CertificationsFair Trade
MaterialsOrganic and recycled materials
Price Range$$

If you’re looking for fashionable and unique sustainable t shirts, prANA has your back. Shop for tops in soft, earthy hues to find the perfect staple pieces for your wardrobe. 


prANA only uses organic and sustainably sourced materials to craft these tops, and it shows in their quality. Their t shirts are soft, airy, and durable. Plus, they have fun retro designs that are hard to pass up on!

Things to Consider

prANA uses all gender sizing for many of its tops, so make sure you check the brand’s size chart to find the right fit. You may have to size up or down.

How to Shop for Sustainable Graphic T Shirts You’ll Love

Ready to find your ideal sustainable graphic t shirt? As you shop our favorite brands, ask yourself questions like these to make the right call on your purchases:

  • What style am I looking for? Do you want something bold and colorful, or something more subtle and adaptable?
  • What is my price range? Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and vice versa. How much are you willing to spend on a piece that could last for years?
  • What materials are used? Cotton and recycled polyester are common in sustainable t shirts, but if you’d prefer something else – like organic materials or lyocell, for instance – you’ll want to keep an eye out for specific products and fabric blends. 

Now, get out there and start shopping!

Feature Image via Pact

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