Top 6 Vegan Shoes Men Will Love

Sustainable White Vegan Sneaker for Men from Humans are Vain

You might not put too much thought into what your shoes are made of, but it’s worth paying attention to. After all, you wear shoes almost every day. When it comes to sustainable and cruelty-free options like vegan shoes men are often left out of the equation. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great men’s vegan shoes out there if you know where to look!

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What are Vegan Shoes?

When we talk about vegan shoes for men, we’re referencing shoes that are made without any animal products or by-products. That means no leather, wool, fur, or glues and chemicals that contain animal-based ingredients.

The most obvious reason to invest in vegan shoes is animal welfare. If you live a vegan lifestyle, investing in vegan clothes and shoes is a no-brainer. But even if you’re not a vegan full-time, you can support cruelty-free brands by choosing vegan shoes. 

Plus, vegan shoes typically use synthetic or plant-based materials that are safer for humans and for the planet. Many animal products require chemical treatments or create a large carbon footprint. Vegan products can sidestep these issues and give you the same look and feel as other options on the market.

Top 6 Vegan Shoes for Men: How We Chose

There are all kinds of products claiming to be vegan shoes for men, but we only selected picks we know are vegan. In addition to materials, we considered the sustainability of each shoe option – we don’t want to trade animal materials for synthetics or toxins that harm the planet! Each of our picks also comes from a reputable company that we trust to deliver great results.

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Will’s Vegan Store Signature Brogues

Signature Brogues men Shoes in Tan & Dark Brown Vegan Leather.
MaterialsItalian vegan leather made with 695 biobased content, vegan suede, recycled insoles
Available Sizes7.5-14
Price at Publishing$114

If you want a classic pair of vegan shoes for men that pair well with just about any outfit, look no further than Will’s Vegan Store. These brogues are ethically made in Portugal with only the finest materials.


When you choose shoes from Will’s Vegan Store, you support a company that’s truly worth your while. The brand is committed to carbon-neutral business practices. These shoes will be delivered through a carbon-neutral supply chain and come packaged in paper or cardboard materials. 

Things to Consider

Will’s Vegan Store offers a paperless, carbon-neutral returns service for all orders. If you love your shoes, remember to come back to the store when they’ve reached the end of their life. Ship them back to have them recycled into new products.

2. Gianni Men’s Vegan Leather Moccasins by NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes

Gianni Men's Vegan Leather Moccasins: Black Italian Shoes
MaterialsMicrosuede, microfiber, black vegan rubber
Available Sizes6-14
Price at Publishing$199

It’s hard to find better vegan men’s dress shoes than the gorgeous styles created by NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes. This pair is a best-seller – whether you’re hitting the town, headed to work, or stepping out for a bite, these shoes have you covered.


The tapered silhouette of the Gianni moccasins makes it look classy, but the shoes also feature an elastic insert to give them a “sporty” fit. In other words, look amazing without sacrificing comfort.

Things to Consider

NOAH shoes are produced in Europe, and the brand is not based in the USA. There may be additional costs to consider if you’re ordering from another country. 

3. DUKE Vegan Leather Cowboy Boots by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

DUKE Black Vegan Leather Cowboy Boots
MaterialsWooden stack heel, rubber, vegan leather, microfiber
Available Sizes6-13
Price at Publishing$198

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather (now rebranded as Good Guys Go Vegan) has come to impress with its wide range of stylish men’s vegan shoes. We love these vegan cowboy boots because they’re trendy without looking cheap. This style is a piece you can keep as a wardrobe staple for years to come.


There are plenty of color options to choose from here – these boots are available in black, white, beige, red, brandy, and even gold! Mix and match them to add some spunk to your closet. They all use OEKO-TEX Standard 100-certified materials and are 100% cruelty-free.

Things to Consider

As of right now, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather does not offer free returns, but you can get a free exchange if you need one. You have up to 30 days to return your order, but you’ll be expected to cover the cost of shipping yourself. 

4. Humans are Vain Eden V3 Sustainable Sneaker

EDEN V3 Sustainable White Sneaker for Men
MaterialsRecycled materials
Available Sizes36-46 (EU)
Price at Publishing$157.56

Humans are Vain delivers beautiful men’s vegan sneakers in a variety of colors and styles, but we think this pair is a classic. As a bonus, they’re made in Portugal using ethical supply and labor practices.


These sneakers are the third generation of Humans are Vain’s renowned vegan sneaker line, and they have a unique twist. In collaboration with CleanSea, Humans are Vain removes 200g of plastic trash from the ocean with each purchase. That’s equivalent to 20 plastic bottles!

Things to Consider

These vegan shoes aren’t sold in US sizes, so make sure you double-check your size using the instructions provided by Humans are Vain.

5. Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II Boot Mono Platforms

Classic Black Vegan Jadon II Boot Mono Platforms for Men and Women
MaterialsVegan-friendly synthetic material
Available Sizes6-14
Price at Publishing$210

Any lover of vintage, leather, and classic shoes will tell you that Dr. Marten’s are some of the most iconic boots on the market. But it’s also possible to buy vegan Dr. Martens boots to score the same look without any animal cruelty.


These shoes are a full revamp of Dr. Martens original iconic boot design. You’ll find all the same legendary details and design choices on these as you would on a classic pair.

Things to Consider

Some customers note that these shoes crease easily and can cause some friction or rubbing, especially when brand new. But Dr. Martens lovers will likely know that some stiffness and discomfort is par for the course with these boots. 

Make sure you invest in some long boot socks to protect your feet and give yourself plenty of time to break in the shoes.

6. Budget Find: Adidas Samba Vegan Shoes

Adidas Samba Vegan Shoes in Cloud White/Core Black/Gum for Men
MaterialsFaux leather, recycled materials
Available Sizes4-14
Price at Publishing$100

You might not expect to find Adidas men’s vegan shoes at a fair price, but lo and behold – Adidas makes their classic designs using vegan materials, too! This pair has the exact same look as the original Samba shoes.


Adidas goes above and beyond using vegan materials and ensures these shoes are sustainable, too. 20% of the pieces used to make their uppers are made with a minimum of 50% recycled content. 

Things to Consider

These shoes are a hot commodity and sell out quickly. But if you do manage to score a pair, you can take advantage of 60-day free returns and exchanges.

How to Shop for Vegan Shoes for Men

The first thing you should consider when shopping for men’s vegan shoes is your budget. Most shoes are at least $50-100, but some get as expensive as $400-500. 

With a price point in mind, you can narrow your search to specific styles or fits. Think about how you plan to wear your shoes and find a pair that will be comfortable and durable. 

Above all else, make sure you truly love the shoes you’re going to buy. Vegan shoes can be expensive, but they’re a worthy investment – as long as you’ll wear them, of course! With our product picks at your side, you’re sure to find a pair of vegan shoes that suit you.

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