Choosing The Best Weighted Bamboo Blanket: Top 5 Picks

Bed with a weighted bamboo blanket

Your bedroom is your oasis. While the style of bedrooms past may have employed white walls and starchy, sterile sheets, the bedroom of the future recognizes that the most relaxing environment truly comes from earth tones, eco-friendly bedding, and superior comfort. 

Slipping under a cozy weighted blanket feels like sensory heaven, and the proper weighted blanket can send even the most antsy insomniac off to dreamland. But what if we take that a step further and use completely ethically sourced, environmentally safe materials to make that weighted blanket? Now that’s especially dreamy.

With a bamboo-weighted blanket, you won’t have your conscience weighing on you while you sleep. Instead, the only thing weighing on you will be 20 pounds of ultra-soft thermo-regulating bamboo goodness.

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What are Weighted Bamboo Blankets? Why We Can’t Stop Talking About Them

  • Bamboo blankets absorb moisture perfectly, so they always feel light and fresh.
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic, so it resists dust, dirt, and mites.
  • The fabric in bamboo blankets is made from long fibers, making it super resistant to damage and stains.
  • The more you wash bamboo textiles, the softer they get. 
  • Bamboo bedding starts white and stays white. It doesn’t lose its white brilliance with time.
  • Bamboo grows quickly and it doesn’t require a lot of water or pesticides to grow, making bamboo materials notably eco-friendly.

Weighted blankets are especially beneficial for those with sensory issues or who prefer their blankets to have some extra weight for additional coziness. 

Because bamboo is such a light, soft, dry material, it’s truly ideal for weighted blankets. It has that weight you’re looking for but avoids getting too sweaty, stuffy, or uncomfortable.

Top 5 Weighted Bamboo Blankets: How We Chose

In this list, we especially prioritized the company’s environmental and social consciousness. We looked for certifications with OEKO-TEX, which indicates that a product is free of harsh chemicals, and the climate pledge, which is a label used to indicate when a product has committed to strict environmental standards such as using recycled materials or being carbon neutral.

We also looked closely at the material and quality of these blankets and ensured that we only chose the textiles that will keep you as cozy and comfy as possible.

Our Picks

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1. Luna The Cozy Comfort Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Luna cozy comfort cooling bamboo weighted blanket
MaterialLyocell bamboo
Weight10 pounds to 30 pounds 

The Luna bamboo weighted blanket is probably one of the most well-known options in this category. It has almost everything one could want from such a product.


This weighted blanket ranges from 10 to 30 pounds. This allows you to pick the most comfortable weight for your preferences. It’s also certified not to contain any harsh chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about it irritating your skin.

You might think a weighted blanket might make you overheat, but you won’t because bamboo is naturally thermo-regulating.

Things to Consider

This blanket is only $87, which is arguably a big steal. However, the price varies depending on what size and weight you get. 

This blanket is so soft and heavy that many people describe it as being wrapped up in a warm hug. It’s also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

2. WONAP Bamboo Weighted Blanket

A woman holding the WONAP bamboo weighted blanket
CertificationsClimate Pledge Friendly
Weight12 to 30 pounds

This is a great choice if you always think about the environment whenever you buy something. It is both Climate Pledge-friendly and sustainable.


If you’re looking for something soft, this blanket will certainly give it to you. This blanket is like being tucked under a gentle cloud, and instead of being wet and cold, you’ll be dry and warm. 

This cotton/bamboo blended blanket is double-sided and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Things to Consider

Many people with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and other mental disorders enjoy the weight this blanket provides. It’s comforting and similar to touch therapy. 

This blanket has cooling properties, too. If you’re tired of finding yourself drenched in a puddle of your own sweat when you sleep, this blanket may solve the problem.

3. Comma Bamboo Model Weighted Blanket

Comma bamboo weighted blanket draped over a chair
CertificationsNot listed
MaterialBamboo modal
Weight15 to 20 pounds

If you never want to leave your bed again, you might get your wish when you buy this blanket. It’s so irresistibly cozy that as soon as you wrap it around yourself, all you’ll want to say is: Goodbye, World, I’m staying inside!


These blankets are 100% bamboo modal, making them sustainable and biodegradable. They’re also filled with tiny glass beads for extra weight and temperature control. 

They’re even machine washable, so learning how to wash a bamboo weighted blanket has never been easier.

Things to Consider

This blanket is only $75, so you won’t have to throw away your wallet just to get a comfy blanket. 

It’s also antibacterial, which is great for those who sweat at night. Sweat is full of bacteria that can make fabrics stink, but you won’t have this problem with a bamboo blanket.

4. Cariloha Weighted Bamboo Blanket

A woman holding the Cariloha weighted bamboo blanket to her face
CertificationsNot listed
MaterialBamboo, cotton, polyester
Weight15 pounds

If you need some deep-pressure touch stimulation, the heavy glass beads in this blanket can help. Since you can’t spend the whole day being hugged by someone, this blanket is the next best thing. 

At 15 pounds, it’s light enough to drag along with you around the house but also heavy enough to comfort you.


This bamboo viscose blanket may be one of the softest things you ever touch. It is beyond plush. The way it weighs down the body helps release natural endorphins, which are great for your sleep quality and mood.

Don’t be surprised if you feel more invigorated after sleeping with this blanket.

Things to Consider

This blanket is one of the more expensive options on the list at $249. However, if you’re willing to spend that much, you’ll get to enjoy the unparalleled luxury this blanket offers.

It is also very easy to take care of since you can machine wash the outer cover.

5. YNM Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

YNM Home cooling bamboo weighted blanket
CertificationsNot listed
Weight7 to 30 pounds

The YNM bamboo weighted blanket is another very popular option in the weighted blanket community. It comes in many sizes to fit twin to king-sized beds and even has interior duvet ties.


This blanket has a unique 7-layer system. This ensures your temperature is regulated while you sleep. Heat and cool air will pass through the blanket along with any moisture you produce, allowing you to stay as comfortable as possible.

This blanket is so comfortable that you might be tempted to sleep past your alarm, so watch out!

Things to Consider

This blanket is $99 and quite stylish for any bed. It’s quilted and comes in many patterns and colors, so it’ll be easy to match it to your bedroom.

Next Best Pick: Sweet ZZZ Weighted Blanket

Sweet ZZZ bamboo weighted blanket
MaterialCotton, bamboo
WeightNot listed

If you desperately want a weighted blanket but want to save money at the same time, this might be your best bet. You also won’t have to sacrifice quality for cost.


This is another 7-layer blanket with heavy glass beads. The brand is a member of 1% For the Planet, so you can have some peace of mind knowing that this is an eco-friendly option.

Things to Consider

This blanket is only $59 and super soft. It’s also free of harmful chemicals that might otherwise irritate your skin. 

How to Shop for Bamboo Weighted Blankets You’ll Love

You’ve now seen some of the most popular options for bamboo weighted blankets. But what else should you think about?

  • The filling
  • Whether the blanket is machine washable
  • If the blanket is organic/sustainable
  • How the blanket is produced
  • The cover material

Never forget these factors when making a decision. They’ll guide your hand in the right direction so you won’t regret your choice. 

Image by Niels Zee from Pixabay

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