Choosing Cotton Comforters: Our Top 5 Picks

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One of the most important aspects of getting a good night’s sleep is your body’s ability to thermoregulate. Your body temperature needs to drop slightly in order for you to get that good night’s sleep that you need and deserve. Really, is anything more unpleasant than waking up in the middle of the night because you woke up sweating or freezing, so you need to add a few blankets or change out of your sweatpants? Thermoregulating is just one of the many aspects that make cotton a superior choice of fabric for your comforter. Read on to find out why we can’t stop raving about these cotton comforters.

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What are Cotton Comforters? Why You’ll Love Them

Cotton is a natural material woven into very fine fibers to produce many luxurious products. Cotton-stuffed comforters are also radiant and expensive-looking even as time goes by. 

Cotton is famous for being moisture-wicking and breathable, so whether you’re trying to stay cozy in the winter or trying to stay cool in the summer, cotton is your star player.

On top of that, cotton is completely hypoallergenic, durable, and eco-friendly. 

Overall, cotton comforters are great because they’re reliable, stylish, and, above all, comfortable.

Top 5 Cotton Comforters: How We Chose

Some important certifications to keep in mind when choosing a cotton comforter:

  • GOTS: The Global Organic Textiles Standard certification indicates that a product was not made with any toxic chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. 
  • Made Safe: Made Safe products are completely free of any toxic chemicals that can harm animals or people.
  • Fair Trade: This certification shows that a product was made in fair working conditions, both socially and economically. It also indicates that the product has met ecological standards as well.
  • OEKO-TEX: This certification means that every part of a product was made without any toxic chemicals involved.
  • GRS: GRS-certified products were made with recycled materials.
  • Climate-neutral shipping: These companies show how they are reducing carbon emissions when making and shipping their product. 

Along with certifications, we also looked at other aspects of the comforter, like its style and design, its softness and warmth, materials used, and sizes available.

Our Picks

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1. Coyuchi Diamond-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter

The Coyuchi Diamond-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter on a bed
CertificationsGOTS, Made Safe, Fair Trade
SizeTwin, queen, king

Coyuchi is known for producing some of the most amazing organic bedding, and this cotton comforter is no different. It is stylish, has several natural shades, and is comfortable beyond belief.


The cotton in this comforter is woven in India and is made with the utmost care. It’s quilted design makes it extra warm and sturdy. Its GOTS certification is also ideal for those who care about the environment.

Things to Consider

Getting this blanket will make sure that your bed is ten times more stylish than your neighbors, but besides that, it’s also easy to care for. It’s machine washable and sturdy enough to last for years.

2. Whisper Organics Organic Cotton Comforter

A white Whisper Organics cotton comforter
SizeTwin, queen, king

Cotton comforter sets often boast about being soft and plush, but this is the real deal. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also GOTS-certified, so there’ll be no need to feel guilty about potentially harming the environment when you make your purchase.


This comforter is thin, but with its quilted design, it’s still plenty warm. It also has duvet tabs, so you can secure the comforter and keep it from slipping across your bed like a wet fish desperate to get away.

It has a very nice ivory color and an easy 90-day refund policy if you don’t like it.

Things to Consider

This cotton comforter is $229, which may be a bit pricy, but it’s totally worth it. Its durable nature allows it to compensate for its cost over the years. 

It also is very stylish and works well with most types of interior design. 

3. Parachute Organic Cotton Breeze Comforter

Parachute Organic Cotton Breeze Comforter in gray
CertificationsOEKO-TEX, GRS, Climate-Neutral
MaterialCotton, recycled down alternative
SizeQueen, king

You know that delectable feeling of resting your head on a cool, soft pillow? You can have that feeling all the time when you get this comforter. It’s silky smooth, cool, and soft beyond belief.


This comforter is a beautiful choice for those who care about the environment. Not only is it free of harsh chemicals and filled with recycled materials, but even how it ships is carbon neutral!

This allows you to have as little impact on the environment as possible while you still enjoy a fluffy comforter.

Things to Consider

This comforter does a great job of being warm without making you overheat in the middle of the night. It has a diamond quilted pattern for extra warmth and durability. It’s between $229 and $249, depending on the size. 

While it only comes in two shades, moss and bone, both are versatile enough to match most bedrooms.

4. Pottery Barn Dream Brushed Cotton Comforter

Pottery Barn brushed cotton comforter on a bed
CertificationsFair Trade, OEKO-TEX
Material100% brushed cotton, filled with TENCEL, REPREVE and polyester
SizeFull, queen, king

This is another eco-friendly option, and it comes in even more colors. It also is extra fluffy and sure to keep you warm and cozy at night.


This comforter is filled with a unique type of polyester derived from recycled water bottles. This helps reduce waste and put it to good use. It also makes the comforter as warm and flexible as possible.

The outer part of the comforter is 100% brushed cotton, which is ideal for those with even the most sensitive skin. 

Things to Consider

This comforter has a fabulous balance between classic and modern styles. It is between $118 and $199, so it isn’t ridiculously expensive. 

It’s also machine washable as long as you put it on the gentle cycle.

5. West Elm Washed Cotton Comforter and Shams

West Elm washed cotton comforter and shams on a bed
Certifications100% organic
MaterialCotton, recycled polyester
SizeTwin to California King

This comforter is so soft that it might feel like you’ve already been using it for years, and yet it’s still brand new. The cotton used is 100% organic, too, so it won’t irritate your skin.


The comforter is made in India with extreme attention to detail. The filling is made of recycled polyester to minimize the world’s waste. The shams have a very easy-to-use envelope cover, too.

Things to Consider

You can machine wash this comforter, but only on the warm setting. If it gets too wrinkled, you can iron it without having to worry about ruining it. The comforter will get to you soon after you order it with next-day shipping and processing.

Next Best Pick: Bed Bath and Beyond Nautica Trimmer Cotton Reversible Blue Comforter Set

Bed Bath and Beyond cotton reversible comforter on a bed
CertificationsNot listed
SizeTwin, queen

If you’re looking for a cute, cheap, nautical-style comforter, this might be your dream come true. While it’s simple, it has everything you need.


This comforter is artfully made in Pakistan with only the finest 100% cotton. It has a 180 thread count, so you can rely on its softness and plushness. And, of course, how can you resist its unique blue and gray stripes that are so reminiscent of the sea?

Things to Consider

This is a great comforter for all seasons, and it’s machine washable. As an added bonus, it’s reversible! This is also a great choice for those on a budget since it’s only $78.

How to Buy Cotton Comforters You’ll Love

There are few things softer than a good cotton comforter, but you do have to choose the right one to enjoy its benefits. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Thread count
  • Whether it’s pure cotton or a blend
  • If it’s machine washable
  • The style/color

Once you get into the habit of researching different comforters, you can effortlessly choose a great one in no time at all. 

Image by 영훈 박 from Pixabay

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