Our Top 6 Wool Comforter Product Picks

A cozy wool comforter can promote peaceful sleep no matter the time of year. But to find the right wool comforter for your needs, you’ll need to know what to look for (and avoid). 

We’ve searched high and low for quality, trustworthy picks to make it easy to score your perfect bedding. Here are our favorite eco-friendly wool comforters that will keep you snug all night.

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What is a Wool Comforter? Why Get One?

A wool comforter may be stuffed with or made entirely of quality wool, which regulates temperatures year-round. Burrow in for warmth during the winter and say goodbye to sweaty summer nights!

Quality wool is also:

  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Flame retardant
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Biodegradable

But that’s not all – wool is also better for the environment than other materials. As a bonus, our picks are made without any harmful chemicals.

Top 6 Wool Comforters: How We Chose

We only want to elevate companies and products we believe in. As we searched for the best wool comforters, we considered the following factors:

  • Quality
  • Certifications
  • Materials used
  • Customer reviews
  • Maintenance needs
  • Price point: Is it worth the money?

We focused on only durable, sustainable picks and prioritized those made by companies that give back to the planet. Let’s dive into some of our favorite finds!

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert

CertificationsGOTS, B Corp, Climate Neutral
MaterialOrganic cotton, natural alpaca fiber
Price Range$$$
Sizes AvailableTwin, Full, Queen, King/California King
Machine WashableNo

Avocado turns to the Peruvian Andes to source fibers for this wool duvet, made using wool from alpacas. The highly sought-after alpaca wool is collected once a year by experienced farmers. Avocado’s ethical business practices and commitment to quality make this product friendly to your body and the environment.


This wool comforter comes in two weights to offer optimal comfort all year. Hot sleepers and those who live in warmer climates should opt for the lightweight version, while others may prefer the thicker and fluffy all-season option. The comforter also comes in sustainable packaging!

Things to Consider

You’ll need to spot-clean this wool filled comforter to protect the wool inside and its organic cotton percale shell. Avocado offers a 100-night trial and one-year warranty to help you make sure you’ve spent your money on the right product for you.

2. Savvy Rest Organic Duvet Insert

CertificationsGOTS, B Corp
MaterialOrganic wool, organic cotton
Price Range$$$
Sizes AvailableTwin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King/California King
Machine WashableNot listed

Savvy Rest takes sustainability seriously, and this organic wool comforter is no exception to the company’s eco-conscious standards. It boasts an impressive six pounds of certified organic wool packed inside an organic cotton sateen fabric exterior. 


If you want quality materials made with only the best manufacturing processes, this pick may be for you. Use it alone or protect it with a duvet cover for a comforter that will last a lifetime.

Things to Consider

Given the price of this comforter, we’d like to see more options available for customer support. Savvy Rest does not accept returns, and whether this pick is machine washable is up in the air. 

3. PlushBeds Natural Wool Comforter

CertificationsGOTS, Green America
MaterialWool, organic cotton
Price Range$$$
Sizes AvailableTwin/Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King/California King
Machine WashableNo

PlushBeds handcrafts this wool filled comforter with care in California using a premium wool fill and organic cotton sateen exterior. Fifteen layers of airy wool create a snuggle-worthy, marshmallowy comforter you’ll never want to leave.


The GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen cover has a 344 thread count, which helps the duvet feel soft and silky on your skin. We also love that these comforters are custom handmade to order – no sketchy supply chains or unwanted chemicals here!

Things to Consider

Since these comforters are made to order, they’re not returnable unless they have a defect. Still, defects are protected by a warranty period of just 30 days.

4. Sleep & Beyond MyMerino Comforter

MaterialOrganic Merino wool, cotton
Price Range$$ to $$$
Sizes AvailableCrib, Twin, Full, Queen, King
Machine WashableNo

Stay comfortable all night with this classic Merino wool comforter from Sleep & Beyond. Soft and breathable wool from Merino sheep joins a natural cotton casing for a lightweight finish.


This comforter packs a punch in terms of weight. It contains 430 GSM of organic wool fiber but still manages to be airy enough to keep you cool as you sleep.

Things to Consider

While this product is listed as an organic comforter, we couldn’t spot any specific organic certifications. This isn’t to say the product isn’t organic, but some shoppers may want to stick to options that meet official standards.

5. Holy Lamb Organics All-Natural Wool Comforter

CertificationsNot listed
MaterialWool, organic cotton
Price Range$ to $$
Sizes AvailableCrib, Twin, Full/Queen, King
Machine WashablePartially

Keep it simple with Holy Lamb Organics’ natural wool comforter. Each product is hand-tufted and carefully stitched to keep the wool inside locked in place.


Choose from one of three temperature weight options – light, perfect, and extra – to find a comforter that’s truly made for you. You can even order a sample and material sensitivity kit to feel what’s in the comforter!

Things to Consider

You can machine wash this comforter in cold water, but make sure you don’t use wash cycles. Stick to soak and spin cycles and air dry for the best results.

6. Budget Find: Woolino Australian Wool Comforter

MaterialNatural Australian wool, sateen cotton shell
Price Range$$
Sizes AvailableCrib/Toddler, Twin, Queen, King
Machine WashableYes

Experience your best night’s sleep with this Australian wool comforter from Woolino, a company specializing in sustainable, natural wool products. It’s great for year-round use thanks to its lightweight design.


This comforter has the rare benefit of being machine washable, though you may want to hang it dry or have it dry cleaned to protect the filling. It’s also available in a crib size to help your little ones rest easy!

Things to Consider

You’ll need a duvet cover to keep this comforter safe and in good shape for years to come.

How to Buy a Wool Comforter

With so many strong options, how do you select the right wool comforter? Consider these key factors to make the best choice.

  • Materials: Wool regulates temperatures and wicks away moisture, as does cotton. Other materials might come with added chemicals or limit your comforter’s ability to keep you comfortable.
  • Certifications: Look for organic certifications like GOTS and GOLS to confirm a product was raised sustainably.
  • Style: Most wool comforters come without a duvet cover, but others can stand on their own.
  • Maintenance: The weight and nature of wool don’t lend themselves well to machine washing. What does care look like for your comforter, and are you okay with that?

No matter what, remember that you can’t go wrong when you shop with sellers you know and trust. We hope these picks help you discover the wool comforter that speaks to you!

Image by Al Lambe from Pixabay

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