Top 5 Favorite Bamboo Comforter Finds 

When it’s time to hit the sheets, it’s also time to burrow into your favorite comforter. Experience a comfortable and sustainable night’s rest with a bamboo comforter that suits your style and budget. We’ve got the best product picks on the market to help you get started.

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What is a Bamboo Comforter?

A bamboo comforter might be a duvet insert, quilt, or regular blanket made of bamboo materials. Comforters are typically meant to serve as the top layer of bedding, which means they’re responsible for helping regulate temperatures throughout all other blankets. 

Bamboo is a sustainable resource that doesn’t take many natural resources to grow or process, making it an ideal candidate for home goods. It’s also very breathable and lightweight, which is why many eco-conscious shoppers are turning to bamboo sheets, pillows, and more.

Top 5 Bamboo Comforters: How We Chose

To ensure we only looked at the best bamboo comforters out there, we looked at brand reputation, product quality, and customer experiences. 

We want to uplift sellers who give back to the environment in more ways than just sustainable product creation. That’s why we only list products from brands we trust and know to be committed to our values. 

That said, let’s dive into our top finds!

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter

MaterialBamboo viscose
Price Range$$$

The Cozy Earth bamboo comforter was an obvious must-have for this list. It’s one of the most popular bamboo comforter options out there, and for good reason. The quality materials and beautiful finish convinced even Oprah to give her stamp of approval!


Choose between standard and extra fill volumes to create the bamboo comforter of your dreams. No matter what, you can count on this product to keep your body at the perfect temperature while you sleep. Use it alone or as a duvet insert.

Things to Consider

This comforter comes in a beautiful creamy white color, but it’s best to cover it to protect its materials. It’s also spot- or dry-clean only. Still, Cozy Earth offers a 100-day sleep trial to help you decide if the comforter works for you. The blanket also comes with a 10-year warranty.

2. Ettitude Bamboo Comforter

MaterialBamboo fiber, 100% plant-based CleanBamboo fabric
Price Range$$$

Look no further than Ettitude for high-quality products that won’t disappoint. We love this comforter’s plant-based materials and clean design. The comforter is made from bamboo inside and out.


Ettitude offers this comforter in two weight options: summer and winter. The former includes less filling for a lightweight finish, while the latter is ideal for bundling up all night. Each blanket comes pre-washed and packaged in a reusable bag made from recycled water bottles.

Things to Consider

To protect this beautiful comforter for years, you’ll need to stick to dry cleaning only. Fortunately, Ettitude also offers a 30-night sleep trial that you can use to decide whether this product is worth the (somewhat hefty) investment.

3. Luna Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket With Covers

MaterialBamboo, fleece, polyester made from recycled plastic and glass
Price Range$

The only thing better than a bamboo comforter is a bamboo comforter set. We love this bundle from Luna, which features a cooling cover, fleece cover, and cooling weighted blanket. Say goodbye to your typical comforter and welcome in a new era of comfortable sleep.


While this Luna set does feature materials other than bamboo, it’s made without harmful chemicals often found in other comforters. The materials are also hypoallergenic and machine washable. 

Things to Consider

If you shop with Luna, you won’t be able to return your product unless it’s unused and shipped back within 30 days. You may also be responsible for covering shipping costs before receiving a refund.

4. Simply Organic Bamboo Comforter

MaterialBamboo viscose, recycled PET
Price Range$$$

The Simply Organic bamboo comforter is a premium pick for anyone looking for something cozy and earth-friendly. It’s sourced from organically-grown bamboo and uses chemical-free, recycled PET filling for an even-weighted finish.


Fans of this comforter rave about its softness, which is a key perk for a blanket made with bamboo. The breathable materials help keep you comfortable at night, no matter how you tend to sleep.

Things to Consider

There are some plastics in this blanket (PET), though they are recycled. If you’d like to avoid entirely plastic and synthetic materials, this pick isn’t for you.

5. Luxome Lightweight Blanket

Material100% viscose from bamboo
Price Range$$

Defy expectations with this lightweight bamboo blanket, which is large enough to work as a comforter for those who sleep hot or live in warm climates.


A standout perk of this blanket is its range of luxurious color options. It also features an oversized design, which lends itself well to deep mattresses or tall beds.

Things to Consider

Since it’s a lighter, thinner version of a bamboo comforter, this blanket is machine washable. It should also get softer with each wash. Luxome even accounts for minor shrinkage during machine washing with this blanket’s oversized design.

Next Best Option: Buffy Cloud Comforter

MaterialEucalyptus lyocell, BPA-free recycled PET
Price Range$$

It may not be made with bamboo, but this comforter from Buffy features eucalyptus lyocell, which is arguably the next best choice. Experience the same benefits as bamboo for a friendlier price with this pick.


Eucalyptus lyocell is hypoallergenic, just like bamboo. It’s also great at regulating temperatures and wicking away excess moisture. Plus, each Buffy comforter upcycles approximately 50 plastic bottles for its PET filling.

Things to Consider

Take advantage of Buffy’s seven-night free trial for free to test this blanket out yourself. You won’t be charged for your order unless you keep it!

Shopping Tips: Buying the Right Bamboo Comforter

How can you decide which bamboo comforter is right for you? Consider these key factors to make the best choice.

  • Materials: Bamboo should, of course, be present in your comforter somehow, but other materials may be too. Options like cotton and linen tend to offer similar benefits but are easier to find.
  • Fill Weight: If you’re a hot sleeper, you probably don’t want a comforter stuffed with a few pounds of fluffy, heat-trapping filler. Choose a density and style that matches your needs.
  • Care: Consider how you’ll maintain your comforter over time. Bamboo fibers and fabrics may not always be machine washable, so if easy care matters to you, look for options marketed as such.

We wish you luck as you hunt for your perfect bamboo comforter. Shop smart with brands you trust for results that won’t disappoint.Photo by Greg Rivers on Unsplash

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