6 Organic Pajamas: Made with Care, Not Chemicals

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You might have tried organic foods, but what about organic pajamas? While it may not seem to make a difference, the use of organic textiles in clothing production is actually quite significant. Organic materials are not only better for the planet but better for your home and health. Below, we explore our favorite organic pajamas to help you find the pair of your dreams.

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What are Organic Pajamas?

Any material that’s certified organic can be used to make organic pajamas. Most organic pajamas are made from cotton, but we’ve also spotted plenty of other options. Wool, viscose, lyocell, linen, and more can all be organically produced. Certified materials are grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals, which makes them friendlier to the environment (and your body).

Top 6 Organic Pajamas: How We Chose

We wanted to uplift only the best organic pajamas on the market, so we looked long and hard for the best-rated and highest-quality options. The picks shown below come from brands we trust. They also tick all the right boxes: they’re made with organic materials, made to last, and don’t contain any synthetics or chemicals. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Our Picks

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1. Fireside Flannel Sleep Set by pact

A woman standing and wearing a matching Fireside flannel sleep set
CertificationsGOTS, Fair Trade
Material100% organic cotton
Size InclusivityXS-XXL
Machine Washable?Yes

This cozy two-piece set from the brand pact is perfect for snuggling up with a frothy mug of hot cocoa. It’s made in a Fair Trade-certified factory, which means purchasing this pick directly supports sustainable business practices.


The flannel look of this set perfectly matches its oh-so-soft feel. Since the whole set comes in at one price, it’s easy to save some money without sacrificing quality.

Things to Consider

Since this is a set, you’ll be limited to one size between both pieces. This might not be ideal if you typically wear different sizes on top and bottom. Fortunately, pact sells plenty of other pajama sets and individual pieces to suit your needs.

2. Coyuchi Women’s Solstice Organic Chemise

A woman standing on a wood floor wearing the Coyuchi women's solstic organic chemise
CertificationsGOTS, MADE SAFE, Fair Trade
Material100% organic cotton
Size InclusivityXS-L
Machine Washable?Yes

We know we can trust Coyuchi for organic cotton pajamas, sustainable bedding, and more. The company has committed itself to being an industry leader for over 30 years, and the results speak for themselves.


This gown is brushed for optimal softness, which gives it an extra special feel. We also love that it can be paired with one of Coyuchi’s organic robe options for a complete look.

Things to Consider

The size options for this pick are limited. However, it does feature a pretty roomy fit, so you might be able to get away with wearing a different size than usual. Be sure to check out Coyuchi’s size chart to see what might be a good fit.

3. Coyuchi Men’s Organic Crinkled Pajama Pants

A man wearing a white t-shirt and gray Coyuchi men's organic pajama pants
CertificationsGOTS, MADE SAFE
Material100% organic cotton
Size InclusivityM-XL
Machine Washable?Yes

That’s right, Coyuchi does it all when it comes to organic pajamas; women’s and men’s styles are available to choose from. These classic men’s organic pajama pants go great with one of Coyuchi’s tops or any lightweight t-shirt or tank.


The relaxed fit and deep pockets these pants boast make them a hit. They also have a drawstring waistband that makes it easy to adjust their tightness to your liking.

Things to Consider

These pants only come in one color, so they’re probably not the best option if you want some variety.

4. Hanna Andersson Baby Zip Sleeper

A close up of a pair of Hanna Andersson organic baby pajamas with a lemon pattern
CertificationsOEKO-TEX, GOTS
Material100% organic combed cotton rib knit
Size InclusivityNB to 3
Machine Washable?Yes

Let Hanna Andersson be your go-to for organic pajamas for the whole family! These organic baby pajamas are just as sustainable as they are adorable. Made with 100% organic cotton, they’re sure to be as soft and gentle on baby’s skin.


Not only do they come in tons of fun prints, but Hanna Andersson pajamas also come prewashed. They’re ready to use as soon as you open your package!

Things to Consider

You can return unopened and unwashed pajamas for up to 60 days after purchase if they turn out to be the wrong size, wrong style, or just not a great fit.

5. MATE the Label Tencel Sleep Tank & Sleep Short

A woman wearing a white MATE the Label tencel sleep tank
A woman wearing white MATE the Label tencel sleep shorts
CertificationsNot listed
Material70% TENCEL lyocell, 30% organic cotton
Size InclusivityXS-XL
Machine Washable?Yes

You can’t go wrong with a matching sleep tank and sleep short; this set from MATE the Label is here to impress with its softness and stylish look.


Since these pajamas feature lyocell, they’re especially lightweight and breathable. That makes them great for hot sleepers!

Things to Consider

If you don’t love the look or fit of this set, be sure to check out MATE the Label’s other options; the brand has plenty of other pajama styles to choose from.

6. Budget Find: Goumikids Bamboo Viscose + Organic Cotton Women’s Robe

Goumikids bamboo viscose and organic cotton robe in dark blue
CertificationsNot listed
Material70& viscose from bamboo, 30% organic cotton
Size InclusivityXS/S-XL/XXL
Machine Washable?Yes

Save some money, but slip into comfort with this organic robe from Goumikids. It’s designed to have a generously loose fit, making it ideal for pregnant people or anyone looking for extra room in their pajamas.


Goumi, the brand behind Goumikids, is a self-proclaimed “mama-owned” company based out of Portland, Oregon. They make essentials for babies, toddlers, children, and parents alike!

Things to Consider

It’s unclear if this product is certified by any third parties like OEKO-TEX, GOTS, or GOLS.

How to Shop for Organic Pajamas

Once you’ve decided it’s time to splurge on a pair of organic pajamas, consider these features to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Size: How do you want your pajamas to fit? You might need to size up or down to find your perfect match.
  • Style: Are your pajamas snug, or are they loose and flowy? Will this affect the size you need?
  • Maintenance: Can you machine wash your pajamas? Are there any special care instructions you need to know about?
  • Materials: What are your organic pajamas made out of? Cotton is the most common textile you’ll see, but lyocell, viscose, wool, and others might also come into play.

With that said, you have what you need to find the right organic pajamas for your needs and budget. We hope these product finds get you started on the path toward the perfect purchase!

Lead image from Coyuchi

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