5 Hemp Blanket Options for Restful Sleep

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Are you tired of buying blanket after blanket in search of something that lasts (and feels good while it does)? Look no further than hemp for bedding that’s well worth the investment. A hemp blanket can help keep you comfortable and gets softer with each wash, offering comfort that won’t let you down. 

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What is a Hemp Blanket?

A hemp blanket is usually made from hemp linen or hemp fibers, which are known for their durability. Investing in a hemp blanket now means you probably won’t need to buy a new one for years – even decades. 

In addition to their strength, hemp blankets are revered for their temperature regulation and breathability. Their natural, rustic look brings warmth to your home and your bed; hemp will keep you warm all winter and cool all summer. And thanks to its natural resistance to mold and mildew, it’s also great for those with sensitive skin.

Top 5 Hemp Blankets: How We Chose

We know how important it is to find a hemp blanket that ticks all the right boxes. Below,  we explore some of our favorite product finds to help you start your hunt for the best blanket. We focused on products made with premium hemp from companies we know and trust. If it doesn’t hold up well, you won’t find it on this list. 

Our goal is to uplift sellers and products we believe in, and we believe these picks represent some of the best options out there. Let’s dive in!

Our Picks

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1. Rawganique CATALAN 100% Organic Hemp Blanket

A blue Rawganique organic hemp blanket over a bed
CertificationsNot listed
Material100% organic hemp fiber
Machine Washable?Yes, with some exceptions
Price Range$$

Choose between a throw, twin, and full/queen-sized version of this organic hemp blanket to find the perfect fit. It’s designed for year-round comfort and makes for a great layering piece.


This blanket is made from 100% organic European hemp, which means it’s chemical-free and naturally hypoallergenic. It feels just like a sweater that’s been knitted with love!

Things to Consider

Rawganique recommends avoiding front-loading washers when cleaning this blanket; core-less washers are best. You should also take care to hang dry your blanket to avoid disrupting its delicate fibers.

2. HempOrganicLife Natural Hemp Linen Blanket Quilt

A woman laying on a bed with a white hemp blanket
CertificationsNot listed
Material100% hemp fiber
Machine Washable?Yes
Price Range$$$

This lightweight hemp blanket is breathable and sturdy. Each blanket is hand-made with natural hemp fiber to deliver high-quality results.


No matter what blanket size you’re after, there’s something here for you. HempOrganicLife offers this blanket in more sizes than we can list, and custom ordering is also available.

Things to Consider

You can only return this blanket if it’s in its original condition and packaging. You’ll need to return it within 14 days to get your money back.

3. Jungmaven Evenfall Horizon Quilt

A blue Jungmaven hemp quilt
Material100% hemp shell
Machine Washable?Yes
Price Range$$$

This quilt from Jungmaven can serve as a hemp throw blanket or a beautiful accent piece for the foot of your bed. It features a unique striped pattern, which is the result of its careful and simple stitching.


The gorgeous colors you see on this quilt aren’t the result of chemical-dense dyes; instead, the blankets are garment dyed in Portugal by experts. A recycled poly fill helps this blanket do more for the planet than it takes from it.

Things to Consider

While it’s beautiful and durable, this blanket is one of the most expensive options out there. It’s worth it to be sure you love the look, size, and overall benefits of this pick before you splurge. 

4. Buffy Hemp Linen Duvet Cover

A folded brown Buffy hemp linen duvet cover
CertificationsNot listed
Material100% long-staple hemp linen fiber
Machine Washable?Yes
Price Range$$$

Create a hemp blanket of your own with this hemp duvet cover from Buffy. Pair it with a duvet insert of your choice to create a bed-ready blanket that will last a lifetime.


It’s easy to achieve that classic, rustic linen look with this blanket, or you can mix it up and choose from one of Buffy’s rich color options. Pair it with matching shams and other bedding to complete the set.

Things to Consider

You can try all Buffy products for free for seven days. Even once you place your order, you won’t be officially charged unless you decide to keep it.

5. Budget Pick: Rumpl CozyHemp Blanket

A hemp blanket with a cool retro design
CertificationsNot listed
Material79% organic cotton, 21% organic hemp
Machine Washable?Yes
Price Range$

This piece from Rumpl is the perfect hemp blanket for travel, camping, or a quick nap on the couch. It’s made with an ultra-soft cotton and hemp blend that’s sure to help you stay comfy no matter where you are.


The impressive design of this blanket makes it stand out from other picks. Rumpl offers their CozyHemp blanket in many different unique patterns and art styles, so there’s something for everyone!

Things to Consider

Since it is a cotton and hemp blend, this pick isn’t for you if you’re set on 100% hemp fiber blankets. But cotton is still breathable and great at wicking moisture, so you won’t be sacrificing any benefits.

How to Find the Right Hemp Blanket

Make sure you score big as you look for a hemp blanket by considering these essential factors.

  • What kind of hemp or materials are used? If you want a 100% hemp blanket, go for it! Otherwise, you might want to consider a hemp blend.
  • What are the maintenance requirements? Hemp fabrics can be delicate and may not always be machine-washable or stain-resistant.
  • What is my budget? What price range are you comfortable with? Remember, pricier doesn’t always mean better.
  • How big is the blanket? Do you want a hemp throw blanket or one large enough to cover your bed? Be sure to note the product’s dimensions before you buy.

Beyond that, all you’ll need to worry about is how fast your blanket can get to you! We’d argue that you can’t go wrong with any pick on this list. We hope our finds help you discover a new piece that brings warmth (and comfort!) to your home.

Feature photo by Francesco Cavallini on Unsplash

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