The Best Cotton Pillow for Restful Sleep: Our 6 Top Picks

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Ready to sleep among the clouds? A cotton pillow is just what you need. Rest easy and enjoy consistent air flow, soft materials, and relief from allergy symptoms by shopping for a cotton pillow that meets your needs (and budget).

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What is a Cotton Pillow? Why Get One?

A cotton pillow is, simply put, any pillow made with or of cotton. Most cotton pillows also contain other materials, too; cotton filled pillows as well as cotton lined and covered pillows are hard to come by! 

Overall, cotton is breathable, sustainable, and allergy-friendly. No matter who you are, you can likely use a cotton pillow comfortably and happily. A cotton pillow is a great investment, especially if you’re sensitive to chemicals and synthetic materials or just generally likely to only bring natural products into your home.

Top 5 Cotton Pillows: How We Chose

We looked for the best of the best as we scoured the web for our favorite cotton pillow options. While we primarily searched for pillows made with cotton, we also selected picks from reputable sellers committed to sustainable, natural product creation. 

Customer feedback, item quality, brand reputation, and overall value for the price were the biggest factors we considered as we compiled this list of the best cotton pillows on the market. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Our Picks

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1. Saatva Natural Latex Pillow

CertificationsFair Trade
MaterialLatex, organic cotton

We know we can count on Saatva for high-quality products that are sustainably sourced. This pillow features three layers: an organic cotton pillow cover, organic cotton and downlike fiber plush fill layer, and a hypoallergenic shredded natural latex core.


Saatva has something for every sleeper; this pillow comes in two loft heights to suit different sleep styles. The standard loft is four to five inches high and ideal for back or stomach sleepers. Side and combination sleepers will love the extra support from the high loft pillow, which reaches six to seven inches in plushness.

Things to Consider

Take advantage of Saatva’s 45-day free return policy if you’re unsatisfied with your pillow purchase. The brand also offers a one-year limited warranty for all of its pillows.

2. Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow

CertificationsInternational Down Standard, OEKO-TEX
MaterialDown, organic cotton
FirmnessSoft, Medium, Firm

This option from Boll & Branch comes in three different densities to make it simple for you to find your perfect match. Made with cruelty-free down and a 100% organic cotton shell, this pillow offers breathable, marshmallowy goodness you won’t want to miss out on.


Choose the pillow density that makes the most sense for your sleep style to receive optimal support. The soft pillow is great for stomach sleepers, while medium and firm work best for back and side sleepers, respectively.

Things to Consider

Unlike other options on our list, this pillow only comes with an actual pillow insert, not a cover. That means you’ll need to shop for a cotton pillow cover (if you’d like) to complete your bedding set.

3. Sweet Zzz Plant-Based Pillow

MaterialPlant-based down fill, cotton

Looking for something vegan and sustainable? Check out this plant-based cotton pillow from Sweet Zzz. It offers the same perks as traditional down without environmental or ethical concerns.


Sweet Zzz has revolutionized the cotton pillow game with this product’s design. Its outer layer features a plusher pack for comfort, while its inner layer is packed firmly for support. A 100% cotton cover ensures the pillow doesn’t trap too much heat as you sleep. 

Things to Consider

You can choose from a high or low-profile design for this pillow based on your sleep needs. Sweet Zzz also allows customers to take up to 50 days to return their pillows for a full refund. 

4. Eli & Elm Cooling Cotton Side Sleeper

MaterialLatex, polyester, cotton, spandex

Eli & Elm may have created the perfect cotton pillow for side sleepers with this cooling number. Its unique design offers optimal support and comfort to side and combination sleepers all night.


Not only is this pillow equipped with a smooth, breathable cotton cover, but it also is adjustable. Simply add or pull out some of Eli & Elm’s removable latex and polyester filling to find the plushness level that works best for you.

Things to Consider

Not sure if your side sleeper is a good match after all? No problem – Eli & Elm customers have up to 45 days to try and return products for a refund.

5. White Lotus Organic 100% Cotton Pillow

MaterialOrganic cotton

Finding a 100% organic cotton pillow is a true feat, but White Lotus Home is here to impress. Stuffed with sustainably grown, GOTS-certified organic cotton, this natural pillow is a great option for sleepers of all kinds.


White Lotus offers a unique level of customization with this cotton pillow. Opt for a zippered case to easily add and remove filling to adjust your pillow’s firmness. You can even order more organic cotton later on from White Lotus’ wholesale fibers inventory!

Things to Consider

While White Lotus pillows are made with top-quality materials, they’re also not washable. Plus, the brand charges a 30% return fee for all purchases. 

6. Budget Pick: The Silk & Snow Pillow

CertificationsCertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX
MaterialMicrofiber fill, shredded memory foam, cotton

Looking for a bargain? Try this option from Silk & Snow, which features a cotton shell around its microfiber fill and shredded memory foam core. 


Caring for this pillow is a piece of cake; it features a machine-washable shell and an adjustable memory foam core that can be added to over time.

Things to Consider

Silk & Snow offers a 100-night sleep trial to help you determine whether your purchase is right for your home. You can return your pillow for a full refund after 30 nights of use. If you do love your pillow, you can protect your investment with Silk & Snow’s three-year warranty. 

How to Find the Right Cotton Pillow for Your Home

As you navigate the vast market of cotton bedding options, how can you find the pillow that’s made for you? Keep these key factors in mind as you shop for the best results.

  • Materials: Most pillows aren’t made of 100% cotton, though some certainly are! You’ll likely see options with memory foam, latex, polyester, and other materials mixed in. If a 100% cotton pillow is a priority, look out for products advertised as such.
  • Certifications: Watch for international standard certifications like GOTS and GOLS to learn how sustainable your product may be. GREENGUARD Gold, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT are other environmental and quality certifications to note.
  • Firmness: How you sleep will likely affect which pillow is best for you. Firmer pillows tend to be better for side sleepers, but softer options work well for stomach or back sleepers.

Now, get out there and find the cotton pillow of your dreams! Your neck, head, and body will likely thank you for it.

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