The Best Eucalyptus Comforter Product Picks: Our 5 Favorites

Is anything cozier than snuggling into bed and wrapping yourself tight in your favorite blanket? But if your comforter is made with harmful chemicals, toxins, and VOCs, your bedtime may be more risky than restful. A eucalyptus comforter can help you achieve quality, comfortable sleep by regulating temperatures and fighting allergens. 

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What is a Eucalyptus Comforter?

While many comforters are made using materials like polyester, rayon, and cotton, eucalyptus comforters contain eucalyptus fibers. 

The process of creating eucalyptus used in bedding is similar to that of viscose bamboo fabric. Eucalyptus tree wood is pulped and then spun into a lightweight fabric that’s naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. 

Because eucalyptus trees require few resources to grow and don’t need to be uprooted to create fibers, they’re a highly sustainable source of material. So, if you want a comforter that’s great at regulating temperatures and kind to your skin and the planet, look no further than eucalyptus!

Top 5 Eucalyptus Comforters: How We Chose

When selecting our favorite eucalyptus comforters, we considered product quality (based on its materials and manufacturing), customer reviews, company reputation, and overall value (price versus benefits). Only reliable products from sellers we trust made it to the top. 

Below are some of our top eucalyptus comforter picks that offer unique benefits and fair prices.

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Eucalypso Dream Comforter

CertificationsOEKO-TEX, FSC, PEFC
Fill Material100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell
Shell Material100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell

This cooling eucalyptus comforter is just like a dream! With its spongy-soft feel and high-quality materials, this pick from Eucalypso is a winner.


We love that this comforter is sustainably made in small batches to minimize waste. Eucalypso does a great job of being transparent about its manufacturing processes across the board. The Dream comforter features a fluffy-cloud-like filling that creates an irresistible marshmallowy texture.

Things to Consider

Unlike many others on the market, this eucalyptus comforter is machine washable! Follow all care instructions to keep your comforter in top shape for years.

2. Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter

Fill Material100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell
Shell Material100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell

Sijo has you covered with this classic and durable eucalyptus comforter. We know we can count on Sijo for sustainably produced products that won’t break the bank.


As is characteristic of eucalyptus, this comforter has a breathable and lightweight feel. But its unique design also gives it a bit of weight, like a plump, yet still airy and light, pillow.

Things to Consider

While we love the look and feel of this comforter, it is dry clean only. Choosing to wash it yourself at home may damage the fill over time.

3. Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Comforter

CertificationsNot listed
Fill Material50% eucalyptus lyocell, 50% recycled PET
Shell Material100% eucalyptus lyocell

Rest easy with this comforter from Sheets & Giggles, which has a softer fill made from both eucalyptus lyocell and polyester from recycled plastic bottles.


You might hear the word “plastic” and bristle, but Sheets & Giggles is one step ahead. The company puts CiCLO into the recycled polyester fibers filling your comforter, making them 100% biodegradable. Plus, the comforter is made with zero pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Things to Consider

It’s great that this pick uses recycled plastic, but those looking to avoid synthetic materials entirely should consider other options.

4. Buffy Breeze Comforter

CertificationsNot listed
Fill Material100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell fiber
Shell Material100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell fiber

Buffy is a fantastic source of eco-conscious pillows, sheets, blankets, and more. Their popular Cloud comforter is outranked only by its Breeze comforter, which contains 100% TENCEL eucalyptus lyocell for a breathable, high-quality finish.


The Breeze comforter is an Architectural Digest award-winner designed especially for hot sleepers. Each comforter is examined by hand for defaults before it’s shipped right to your door.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, this comforter is not machine washable – you’ll need to dry clean it for the best results. Wash independently at your own risk! 

Still, you can try your comforter for seven nights during Buffy’s free trial period. You’ll only be charged if you decide to keep it after the period ends.

5. Next Best Option: Comma Home Eucalyptus Lyocell Comforter

CertificationsNot listed
Fill Material100% recycled PET
Shell Material100% eucalyptus lyocell

This budget-friendly eucalyptus comforter from Comma Home may not be 100% lyocell, but its outer shell contains no other materials or harmful chemicals. It’s cheaper than other picks because of its composition, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a potential option.


The eucalyptus lyocell shell of this comforter is breathable and super soft. We appreciate that the polyester used in its filling is made from recycled plastic, too. Though it may not be as sustainable as other picks, this option still ticks most of the right boxes.

Things to Consider

While this is a more affordable pick, it also may not hold up to washes as well as other products. Some customers note that the durability of this product can vary; some report fraying or tearing seams or edges after a few years of use. It may be best to use this product with a duvet cover to keep it safe.

How to Buy a Eucalyptus Comforter

As you navigate all of the eucalyptus comforters available, it helps to have some idea of what to look for to make the best choice for your home. Keep these key factors in mind as you search.

  • Materials: For a truly hypoallergenic and asthma-friendly experience, opt for a 100% eucalyptus comforter. If you’re okay with mixing fabrics and materials, don’t be afraid of polyester; it’s still lightweight enough to complement eucalyptus fibers.
  • Care: Think about how you’ll maintain your comforter over time. Is it machine washable? If not, are you prepared to wash it by hand or get it dry-cleaned?
  • Certifications: Quality and environmental standards like OEKO-TEX demonstrate a product is made sustainably and without harmful materials. If they matter to you, be sure to keep an eye out for them in each product description.

We hope this list helps you find the eucalyptus comforter that helps you get the best night’s sleep. Good luck, and happy deal hunting!

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