Bamboo Compression Socks: Our 5 Picks

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Long days on your feet, strenuous exercise, and plenty of walking can take a toll on your legs. Compression socks are a great way to help support your feet and legs, minimize swelling, and reduce chronic pain. But did you know that bamboo compression socks can offer extra benefits that can make your experience even better?

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What are Bamboo Compression Socks? Are They Worth It?

Like other compression socks, bamboo compression socks use tightly woven fabrics and careful designs to offer controlled pressure on the parts of your legs that need it most. Bamboo itself is incredibly soft and is sometimes even compared to cashmere. Let bamboo keep you comfy and cozy with its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties; no more stinky feet smell! Plus, bamboo is better for the environment than materials like cotton – it grows fast and regenerates quickly, all without the need for pesticides. To treat yourself and the planet, invest in bamboo compression socks that you love.

Top 5 Bamboo Compression Socks: How We Chose

As we scoured the web for the best bamboo compression socks, we looked for finds that were made with bamboo, designed to last, and created with an appropriate amount of compression. All of our finds tick the right boxes and come in at a fair price. You can’t go wrong with any pick on our list – what separates each comes down to style, compression level, and overall design. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite bamboo compression socks!

Our Picks

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1. Wellow Twist Compression Socks

A pair of dark pink and red bamboo compression socks from Wellow
CertificationsNot listed
Material76% bamboo viscose, 16% polyester, 6% spandex, 2% nylon
Compression Level18-25 mmHg
Machine Washable?Yes, on a gentle cycle

Wellow offers fun and supportive bamboo compression socks made to deliver unparalleled softness. Choose the color and style that fits your vibe to feel amazing all day long.


The beautiful colors and unique twist design of this collection make it an obvious standout. Their composition is almost entirely bamboo, which means they’re great at wicking away moisture to keep your feet cool and dry.

Things to Consider

Wellow seems to offer a pretty flexible returns policy. If you don’t love your socks after a few tries, you should be able to return them for a free return or exchange. Talk about a score!

2. Ostrichpillow Bamboo Compression Socks

A woman wairing solid black knee-high bamboo compression socks from Ostrichpillow
Material50% bamboo, 25% recycled polyester, 10% recycled nylon, 15% spandex
Compression Level8-15 mmHg
Machine Washable?Not listed

These classic bamboo compression socks from Ostrichpillow are made to last. With extra cushioning and reinforcement, Ostrichpillow bamboo compression socks are perfect for all-day relief.


Ostrichpillow has designed these socks to stay in place while you move, whether you’re working out or simply on the go. They’re made with an antibacterial yarn strip that helps minimize odors and a super supportive sole, heel, and toe area.

Things to Consider

These socks are protected by a two-year warranty. Ostrichpillow also accepts free returns for up to 100 days after purchase, so don’t be afraid to take the splurge!

3. Sockwell Women’s Compression Socks

A pair of bamboo compression socks for women from Sockwell with an ornate white pattern
CertificationsNot listed
Material33% Merino wool, 33% bamboo rayon, 28% nylon, 6% spandex
Compression Level20-30 mmHg
Machine Washable?Yes, though air drying is recommended

Sockwell is a top choice for compression socks, and it’s not hard to see why. These ladies’ bamboo compression socks offer plenty of support and an extra firm compression level, making them ideal for those who are on their feet all day. Plus, they are made in the USA.


Sockwell uses Accu-fit technology to help you choose the right size for your needs. Plus, these socks are made using Merino wool, which means they’re extra soft and breathable.

Things to Consider

The size options for these socks are somewhat limited. If you wear a shoe size larger than a women’s 11, you may want to opt for a different option to ensure the socks fit as intended.

4. Sockwell Men’s Compression Socks

A pair of black men's bamboo compression socks with a zig-zag pattern from Sockwell
CertificationsNot listed
Material32% Merino wool, 31% bamboo rayon, 32% stretch nylon, 5% spandex
Compression Level15-20 mmHg
Machine Washable?Yes

Women’s socks aren’t the only thing Sockwell brings to the table. These men’s bamboo compression socks offer the same benefits as the women’s collection but run in slightly different sizes.


A spandex blend makes up the body of these socks, giving them plenty of stretch despite their high compression level. Arch support and a seamless toe closure help your feet stay comfortable and supported.

Things to Consider

These need to be air-dried, but Sockwell offers plenty of other socks to suit your needs. Find the style and compression level that works for you!

5. Budget Pick: +MD Bamboo Compression Socks for Women & Men

Three brown +MD Bamboo Compression Socks for Women & Men
CertificationsFair Trade
Material70% bamboo viscose, 23% nylon, 7% spandex
Compression Level8-15 mmHg
Machine Washable?Yes

Save big with a three- or six-pack of these women’s and men’s bamboo compression socks. They’re roomy enough to work for just about anyone. Stock up to ensure you have enough socks to last the whole week.


A cushioned sole and premium bamboo viscose blend keep these socks super soft, even after several washes. They’re a great option if you don’t need too much compression – and you can’t beat that price.

Things to Consider

These socks are sold on Amazon and imported from China. That means we can’t be 100% sure about the business and labor practices that go into their production. If that’s a priority to you, you’re probably better off with another pick.

How to Choose Bamboo Compression Socks

How can you select the bamboo compression socks that are right for your needs and style? Ask yourself questions like these to pinpoint the best find.

  • What is the compression level? Most compression socks offer about 5-15 mmHg of compression, but this may not be enough for those with more severe swelling and other concerns. Look for socks up to 30 mmHg for maximum support.
  • What sizes are the socks? You’ll likely see socks that cover a wide range of sizes, but make sure your shoe size doesn’t fall outside what the socks are designed to fit.
  • What are the socks made out of? Do you want bamboo to be the predominant material in your socks, or is a bamboo blend okay?
  • How will I care for my socks? Will you need to hand-wash or dry your socks separately to keep them intact? Know what to expect so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

We hope these finds help you discover the bamboo compression socks that deliver the relief you deserve.

Feature Image via Wellow

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