Jute Yoga Mat: Our 5 Favorite Product Finds

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You probably haven’t thought much about what’s in your yoga mat, but maybe you should. Many yoga mats have historically been made with questionable materials, some that have proven detrimental to our health. Natural options, like a jute yoga mat, can be a great alternative to potentially toxic materials or those that just don’t last. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite product options to help you get started.

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What is a Jute Yoga Mat? Why Get One?

Jute is a natural fiber with antibacterial properties, which makes it a great material to use in yoga mats. You might be familiar with jute rugs; they’re a popular choice due to their unique texture and warmth. Not only is jute beautiful, but it’s also affordable. Jute mats aren’t crazy expensive, and they’re super easy to clean. A jute yoga mat is a great investment for your home and the environment. Its durable fibers make it resistant to wear and tear, which helps you save money – and yoga mats – that you might otherwise be throwing away. While some reviewers say jute yoga mats can feel more abrasive, others say they really help keep slippery hands and feet in place. Since yoga mat texture is a personal preference, if the sustainability of jute appeals to you, it’s worth a try.

Top 5 Jute Yoga Mats: How We Chose

Ready to find your perfect jute yoga mat? We’ve got you covered with some of the best picks on the web. To choose our favorite jute yoga mats, we considered factors like those below:

  • Materials: Many jute yoga mats are mixed with polymer environmental resin (PER), which is only a few steps away from PVC. PER actually starts as PVC, which emits toxins. It’s difficult to entirely avoid PER in yoga mats, but we prioritized picks that use natural materials instead. 
  • Durability: Based on customer experiences, we gauged each product’s durability and performance over time.
  • Price: If the price tag is high, it had better be worth it! We compared prices with features and materials to understand each product’s value. 

Now, let’s dive into some of our favorite product finds!

Our Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author and DGHQ editors. However, Do Good HQ may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. Kakaos Pure Jute Yoga Mat

A purple and gold jute yoga mat from Kakaos
MaterialJute, natural rubber
Size68” x 24” x 6mm
Price Range$

One of the most well-known natural yoga products is this jute yoga mat from Kakaos. It’s made from a natural rubber base and a jute top layer, which helps it, and you, stay in place as you move.


The natural rubber and jute used in this mat are friendly to the planet and to your body. There are no toxic ingredients in this mat – just quality materials you can trust. The mat is thicker than many other options, too, which gives it extra cushion.

Things to Consider

Kakaos Yoga offers a “no hassles” return policy that seems fairly lenient. Contact the company directly with any concerns to receive an exchange or refund based on your needs. This mat also comes with a full one-year warranty, so if you spot any defects related to quality, make sure you reach out for a replacement.

2. ecoYoga Jute Mat

A partially rolled up beige jute yoga mat from ecoYoga
MaterialJute, natural rubber
Size183 cm x 63.5 cm x 4mm
Price Range$$

A slightly pricier but stylish option is this jute yoga mat from ecoYoga. It’s a fully biodegradable and ethical product that’s designed to help you get into the best yoga session ever.


These mats are made in the UK using sustainable, plant-based materials. They’re also suitable for vegans. If you want an eco-friendly yoga mat, this is the pick for you.

Things to Consider

ecoYoga notes that the natural jute weave of this mat can be more sensitive than other materials. Heavy use may lead it to degrade a bit over time; it colors may also slightly change. Be sure you know what to expect from natural materials like these as you welcome them into your home.

3. Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat

A blue and tan jute yoga mat from Gaiam
MaterialJute, PER
Size9.45” x 1.87” x 5mm
Price Range$

This popular jute and rubber yoga mat from Gaiam is the perfect staple for any yoga studio. Made with an all-natural jute top, it’s great at absorbing moisture and helping you stay comfortable.


Gaiam’s jute yoga mat is non-slip, non-toxic, and latex- and silicone-free. It’s got dense cushioning and is super lightweight, which makes it easy to transport from one yoga sesh to another.

Things to Consider

Some shoppers may want to pass on this mat because it contains PER (polymer environmental resin), a controversial material that may pose some health risks. Many yoga mats contain PER, and it’s not necessarily dangerous to use. However, if you want a 100% natural yoga mat, this probably isn’t the pick for you.

4. Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Eco Yoga Mat

A rolled up tan jute yoga mat from Hugger Mugger
MaterialJute, PER
Size24” x 68”
Price Range$$

We love the rustic look and feel of this jute yoga mat. It’s just as much of a home decor piece as a functional tool!


This mat is ultra-breathable, making it ideal for hot yoga and sweaty sessions. It’s also made without latex, PVCs, heavy metals, or toxins.

Things to Consider

Like our previous pick, this mat also contains PER. However, it definitely screams “jute yoga mat” in terms of appearance, more than several other picks on this list.

5. Next Best Thing: Serena & Lily Mixed Jute Mat

A small tan jute area rug from Serena & Lily
Material100% handwoven jute
Size2’ x 3’ or 3’ x 5’
Price Range$$$

It may not technically be for yoga, but this mixed jute mat from Serena & Lily comes in yoga-friendly sizes. It can be used underneath another yoga mat or with pillows to offer some extra support.


If you want a mat that will blend right in with your home decor, this is the pick for you. It’s handwoven with 100% jute – no PER or synthetic materials. Use it indoors or outdoors to take yoga with you wherever you are.

Things to Consider

Since this mat is 100% jute, no two will look exactly the same. Some tonal and aesthetic differences are normal and to be expected.

How to Choose a Jute Yoga Mat

As you browse your options and get ready to purchase your jute yoga mat, ask yourself questions like these.

  • What materials are in the mat? As previously discussed, some mats are made with materials like PER, and others are 100% natural. Non-toxic yoga mats can be pricier, though, so they may not be for everyone. 
  • How big is the mat? Will your mat be an appropriate size for your height and range of motion?
  • How durable is the mat? Based on materials and design, how sturdy will your mat be? Does its durability match up with your usage levels?

We hope these tips and product finds get you started on the path toward the perfect jute yoga mat. Namaste, and good luck!

Feature image via Gaiam

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