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About the Woolroom Mattress Model

A classic Woolroom wool mattress on a brown wooden bed frame with a slatted headboard

Woolroom is a UK-based brand that brings everything you need to get a great night’s sleep to one place. Woolroom’s mission is simple: to help consumers achieve healthier sleep backed by science. Traceable supply chains, high-quality materials, and careful designs help Woolroom deliver products that bring joy for years. Make a sustainable and responsible choice about your bedding by shopping with Woolroom!

CertificationsAllergy UK
MaterialsTraceable British wool, cotton, Merino wool, natural viscose
ThicknessApprox. 8” to 12”, depending on mattress type
FirmnessMedium & Firm models available
A woman sits on a Woolroom mattress that’s on top of a warm brown bed frame

About Woolroom

Woolroom believes in promoting better sleep the natural way. From the brand’s wool pillow covers to its famous mattress toppers and even wool pajamas, Woolroom is constantly pushing the envelope and finding new ways to bring its sustainably sourced British wool to your nighttime routine. Since its inception, Woolroom has cared a great deal about backing its claims up with science. The brand has teamed up with Allergy UK to create hypoallergenic goods that are proven to help you boost your chances of a good night’s sleep and get more regenerative rest. 

Do Good Attributes

Sustainability: Woolroom knows that many of the materials used in bedding and home goods end up in landfills or expose us to unnecessary toxins. That’s why the brand only uses eco-friendly materials for its products and packaging. 
Responsibility: All of the fluffy, soft British wool this brand uses comes from farms in the UK that must adhere to strict animal welfare standards and full traceability expectations.
Safety: Woolroom doesn’t use any synthetics, toxic materials, adhesives, or potential allergens in its product designs. You know exactly what you’re getting each time you make a purchase.

How long do wool mattresses last?

Wool mattresses can last for years, depending on how often you use them and how you take care of them. When you invest in a high-quality wool mattress from a brand like Woolroom, you can expect your bed to stick around for a long, long time. Woolroom offers a free 10-year warranty for its mattresses, so it’s safe to say that yours can last you at least a decade.

Are wool mattresses comfortable?

If you choose a wool mattress that fits your needs and preferences, it certainly is comfortable! Woolroom’s mattresses mostly fall into the medium or firm categories, but you can make your mattress softer with the right topper or pad. 

Do wool mattress toppers keep you cool?

Wool is well-known for its ability to keep us warm in even the harshest winter temperatures, but what about warm temperatures? Since it’s highly breathable and does a great job at absorbing and wicking away moisture, wool can help you stay cool when things heat up. You might not want to bundle up under layers of wool blankets, but a wool mattress topper can still do a great job of keeping you comfortable all night long.

Woolroom Traceability Initiatives

Woolroom ensures that its materials are always traceable and responsibly sourced through its Wool ID® program, which allows you to trace the wool in your bedding right to the farm it came from! 

  • Get the Whole Picture: Scan the QR code on your Woolroom product to get insight into the places, the people, and, of course, the sheep that helped bring your order to life.
  • Happy, Healthy Animals: Woolroom only works with trusted farms that have demonstrated their commitment to raising healthy sheep that enjoy a high quality of life. The brand looks for farms that can guarantee they meet the five freedoms outlined in the UK Animal Welfare Act 2006.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Woolroom’s sheeps are sheared only once a year so that they stay in great shape. Bedding wool comes from soft, down breeds like Suffolk, Poll Dorset, and Texel sheep.

More Than Mattresses

Woolroom’s classic wool mattresses are a favorite among sustainable shoppers, but the brand also has plenty of other product types to explore. Find everything you need to set up a warm, comfy, and hypoallergenic space in your home with Woolroom.

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Woolroom Pillow

A classic white wool pillow from Woolroom

Whether you like something soft and fluffy or firm and supportive, Woolroom’s expansive collection of wool pillows has a product that fits your needs. These pillows are carefully stitched and lined with materials like organic cotton to give you a restful and comfortable night of sleep every time. 

Woolroom Comforter

Woolroom’s medium wool comforter insert

Invest in something that will keep you cozy all year long with a Woolroom comforter. Choose from different weights, lofts, and finishes to create the perfect duvet for your preferences. Pair it with a wool cover and other bedding to complete the set!

Woolroom Mattress Topper

Woolroom’s Wooly Mattress Topper on top of a Woolroom mattress

Add some oomph to your mattress with a thick and soft topper or pad, like the award-winning and classic Wooly Mattress Topper. It’s never been easier to customize your bed to your liking.

Our Take on Woolroom

If you’re a fan of wool or are interested in trying it out, you can’t go wrong with any product pick from Woolroom. You can certainly feel good about investing in products from a sustainable, responsible, and safe brand like this one, so shop to your heart’s content!

Woolroom Shipping

  • Free Shipping: Woolroom provides free FedEx Ground shipping for all orders $100 and over (applicable for mainland US only).
  • Bedding Shipping: Orders that contain bedding ship from Woolroom’s US distribution center in Knoxville, TN in about two to four days.
  • Mattress Shipping: Mattresses ship from Greenville, SC, using FedEx Ground Service. The process takes up to 10 working days from the time you order. There is no additional shipping cost for mattresses delivered to US mainland addresses.
  • Shipping Cost: Orders under $100 and international orders ship for about $4.95 to $20, depending on weight.
  • Sleep Trials: Woolroom offers 30-, 60-, and 100-night sleep trials on selected products. Returns processed within this period are eligible for a full refund. Other items have a designated return window of 14 days (for individual products), 60 nights (for bedding sets), and 100 nights (for mattresses and mattress toppers) but cannot be returned if they have been used.

Woolroom Customer Service

  • Free Customer Care Line: Call Woolroom’s team for free at +1-888-513-1092. You can also use their international number: +44-178-046-1217.
  • Email: Non-urgent requests can be sent via email to customercare@thewoolroom.com.
  • Live Web Chat: Available Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm EST. Visit the contact page and select the chat widget during open hours to speak to a real member of their customer care team.
  • Write to Woolroom: Send physical letters or requests to Woolroom at this address: 

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