Mooka Air Purifier: All About Mooka

About Mooka Air Purifiers 

A white Mooka air purifier with a top control panel, purple lights, and lavender decorations surrounding it

Kick seasonal allergy symptoms, dust buildup, and pollutants to the curb with Mooka air purifiers. When the team at Mooka set out to create their first purifier, they noticed that even the most clean-seeming air isn’t quite as pristine as we might think. Mooka has set out to create some of the best indoor purifiers and air purifier filters on the market. The brand’s devices are affordable, powerful, and stylish enough to fit any space. 

Particles RemovedDust, pollen, smoke, pet fur and dander, hair, lint, VOCs
Area Coverage300-1800 ft2
Filter TypesHEPA, Standard
Price Range$39.99-$135.99
A black Mooka air purifier with buttons on the front

About Mooka

Mooka is a popular brand that focuses on creating air purifiers, air purifier filters, vacuums, and other home appliances. The brand aims to revolutionize the way we live by creating quality air purifiers that keep your home safe and clean. 

Research shows, an indoor air purifier can reduce the number of particles and total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. By using quality components like HEPA filters in their purifiers, Mooka frees the air from harmful particles and allergens. 

Do Good Attributes: Mooka

Health: Mooka knows that clean air is key to a healthy, happy life. The brand’s air purifiers filter unseen particles and allergens so your body stays in top shape. 
Safety: Mooka believes it’s important to offer accessible, quality products that can help anyone protect themselves and their families.

Mooka Air Purifiers: Suggested Use 

While Mooka sells plenty of air purifier models, they all rely on the same core use instructions. Using your Mooka air purifier is as simple as one-two-three:

  1. Set-Up: Place your air purifier on a clean, stable surface (like a bookshelf or desk). You can put larger models on the floor. Make sure they’re out of the way and out of reach for pets and small children. Ensure that its intake vents aren’t blocked.
  2. Schedule: Turn on your air purifier. Some models have timers that allow you to precisely control how long your device runs. Set it to the intensity and mode that fits your needs.
  3. Maintenance: Wipe down your air purifier about once a week with a soft, dry cloth to remove any build-up. Depending on how heavily you use your purifier, you may need to replace its filter every few months. It’s not a bad idea to stock up on some Mooka air purifier filters ahead of time.

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Mooka H13 B-D02L Air Purifier

A white Mooka B-D02L HEPA air purifier with a black control panel on the front

The Mooka B-D02L air purifier is one of the brand’s leading models, and for good reason. It has massive area coverage, easy-to-use front control panel, and special features. Simply press the power button on the top to fire it up. Your room or home will be full of fresh air within a few hours.

Product Specifications

ffasdffsasdfCoverage1076 ft2
Dimensions7.1 x 7.1 x 11.1 inches
Noise20-50 dB
Night LightYes
Child LockYes
360° Air IntakeYes

How to Use the Mooka B-D02L Air Purifier

Since this model is relatively small, it’s best to set it up on a surface where it won’t be disturbed. Place it in a central location in the space you want to target. Since it has such a wide coverage range, the B-DO2L purifier can help you clean the air in a few rooms at once. Make sure you leave doors open to allow for steady air flow. 

Mooka C10 Air Purifier

A white Mooka C10 True HEPA air purifier with a bluish-purple light on top

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This simple but effective Mooka air purifier is perfect for an office space, bedroom, or even a basement or garage. It doesn’t have all the same bells and whistles as some other models. It is a great choice if you want something straightforward and reliable. 

Product Specifications

Coverage380 ft2
Dimensions15.25 x 10 x 10 inches
Noise<55 dB
Night LightYes
Child LockNo
360° Air IntakeYes

How to Use the Mooka C-10 Air Purifier

Place your Mooka C-10 air purifier on a surface in the area you want to target. Plug it in. And turn it on. Spaces that fall within its coverage zone can get clean air delivered to them in as little as an hour! Make sure you power off the purifier after it runs for a bit.

natural shades that are sure to make you feel right at home. Thick and absorbent options like the Cloud Loom Organic Towels are a great fit for any set-up. 

Mooka EP1810 Air Purifier

A small white Mooka EP1810 3-in-1 True HEPA air purifier with a blue accent

The Mooka EP1810 air purifier is compact enough to fit in smaller spaces without taking up a ton of surface area. It’s efficient, cute, and quiet, making it an ideal pick for home office spaces or even nurseries. 

Product Specifications

fsdCoverage150 ft2
Dimensions7.5 x 6.9 x 6.9 inches
Noise<35 dB
Night LightYes
Child LockNo
360° Air IntakeYes

How to Use the Mooka EP1810 Air Purifier

Set up your air purifier on a central surface in the room you want to bring clean air into. Since this is a small model designed for a single room, it may help to close the door while it runs. The device also has a night light. You can turn that on if you plan to let it run while you or a loved one sleeps.

Our Take on Mooka Air Purifiers

If you’re looking to bring an indoor air purifier into your home, Mooka’s devices are sure to impress. Unlike traditional major appliance brands, Mooka focuses on clean and healthy air. That means their products are designed to get the job done without overcomplicating things. Choose the model that’s right for your home to start breathing pollutant-and allergen-free air today!

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