5 Great Safe Air Fresheners, According to Our Research

Charcoal Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag: Safe Air Fresheners

No one likes a stinky home. But many air fresheners prioritize strong scents over safety. Gone are the days of relying on questionable chemicals to keep our homes smelling great – today, there are plenty of safe air fresheners that can regulate unwanted odors without releasing toxins.

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What are Safe Air Fresheners?

Air fresheners are designed to do just what their name implies: freshen the air. But the problem with many popular air fresheners is the questionable ingredients they use to get the job done. 

Conventional options typically contain phthalates, which have been linked to hormone disruption and birth defects. They might also use synthetic fragrances that can cause allergic reactions. But that’s not all – some products even use petroleum distillates, which are harmful to the planet and to your health. Plus, the aerosol cans many air fresheners use are filled with toxin propellants that can wreak havoc on your body over time. 

Safe air fresheners don’t use toxic chemicals or propellants that wreak havoc on your body. Instead, they use natural ingredients and clever solutions to keep your home smelling great.

However, as many safe air fresheners do use essential oils, it is important for those with pets to consider their safety as well. Some essential oils are not safe for dogs and cats, especially if the oil gets on a cat’s fur and then gets licked off. If you have any tupe of pet, check with your veterinarian before using an essential oil air freshener. 

Top 5 Safe Air Fresheners: How We Chose

When selecting our favorite safe air fresheners, we looked for products made without synthetic or harmful ingredients. We also prioritized options that don’t use aerosols or propellants. Each of our picks has something unique to bring to the table, whether it’s a low price point, 100% natural ingredients, or special customization options. Let’s dive in!

Our Picks

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1. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal Color, for Large Rooms, Kitchen and Bedroom
Type of Air FreshenerAir purifier
Price at Publishing$43.95 for 2-pack

These air-purifying bags from Moso are the perfect human- and pet-safe air fresheners because they don’t use any chemicals to get the job done. In fact, they don’t add anything to the air at all! Instead, they use charcoal to filter unwanted smells and pollutants from your home.


Each Moso bag is filled with moso bamboo charcoal, which is a 100% scent- and chemical-free option for odor control. An individual bag can cover up to 300 square feet of space, so this multipack should help you cover a good bit of your home.

Things to Consider

While these bags are made to last, they can only actively filter for so long. They should last up to two years. When they stop performing at their best, sprinkle the bamboo charcoal into your garden or soil to promote plant growth.

2. Scent Fill 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil Plugin Refill

lavender-scented oil plugin refill
Type of Air FreshenerNon-toxic wall plugin
Price at Publishing$8.20

It’s hard to find a non-toxic plugin air freshener that uses natural ingredients you can pronounce, but Scent Fill has your back. Their plugins are compatible with Scent Fill or Air Wick warmers and come in all kinds of soothing scents.


According to Scent Fill, this is the only 100% natural lavender plugin refill on the market. It gives a scent that’s indistinguishable from lavender essential oil from a diffuser. Each refill can last up to 14-45 and can suit rooms large and small.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, these refills aren’t compatible with every plugin warmer out there. Most notably, Scent Fill refills will not work with Bath & Body Works Wallflower plugins. 

3. Grow Fragrance Air + Fabric Spray

Cedar Citrus air and fabric spray, shown next to an orange
Type of Air FreshenerNon-toxic spray air freshener
Price at Publishing$15

Grow Fragrance has mastered the art of the safe air freshener spray. Each product is made with 100% plant-based ingredients and is – you guessed it – completely free of toxins.


We chose a cedar and citrus scent for this list, but it’s only one of many options Grow Fragrance has to offer. The brand even offers seasonal blends to keep your home smelling amazing all year. Each bottle should give you up to 500 sprays of goodness.

Things to Consider

Some customers note that Grow Fragrance scents can be powerful, so use them with caution. Since they don’t use toxins or chemicals to create scents, these sprays might function a little differently than you’re used to. 

4. Pura 4 Non-Toxic Essential Oil Diffuser Plugin

Pura 4 smart fragrance diffuser plugged in next to a house plant
Type of Air FreshenerNon-toxic wall plugin
Price at Publishing$49.99

The Pura 4 wall plugin is redefining what it means to keep your home smelling fresh. It’s designed to slowly release essential oil refills (also made by Pura) for up to 120 hours.


If you’re looking for something a little fancy, you’ll love Pura. The plugin device uses innovative smart features to anticipate when your home needs a refresh. It adjusts your scent experience based on your home’s temperature. You can also easily adjust fragrance intensity, schedules, and more from the Pura app.

Things to Consider

Not everyone is willing to fork over $50 for an air freshener plugin – and that’s okay! The Pur 3 is another great option that’s a little more accessible. Non-smart refills work with both models, so you don’t have to spend big bucks to use your Pura over time.

5. Budget Find: Citrus Magic Odor Eliminating Tropical Air Freshener

Citrus Magic Odor Eliminating Tropical Air Freshener: Non-toxic, safe freshness.
Type of Air FreshenerNon-toxic spray air freshener
Price at Publishing$4.19

Look no further than Citrus Magic for an affordable, safe air freshener with a delightful scent. Each bottle uses the peel oils of citrus fruit to create its classic scent.


Citrus Magic is created from pure, natural citrus oils, not strange chemicals or cheap ingredients. It claims to last four times longer than conventional sprays, and it doesn’t use aerosols, water, perfume, or gas propellants to do so.

Things to Consider

This pick might not be the best option for those with pets. Citrus oil can be toxic to animals. While you should be okay as long as you use the freshener away from your furry friend, the risk is worth noting.

How to Choose a Safe Air Freshener for Your Needs

As you hunt for safe air fresheners to purchase, your first step should always be to check the ingredient list. Look for any unwanted ingredients or harsh chemicals before you buy. If the product in question doesn’t list its ingredients, it’s probably not worth buying.

As you investigate the product, keep your eyes peeled for good ingredients like plant-based materials and charcoal. If you’re still not sure which product to choose, opt for those from brands that are sustainable and have certifications that verify their commitment to safety. Good luck on your quest to find the best safe air fresheners for your home!

Feature Image via Moso/Amazon

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