The 6 Best Sustainable Coffee Table Brands

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The right coffee table transforms your living room into a complete, cozy space. Unfortunately, far too many coffee tables out there just aren’t made to last. It’s time to ditch the cheap self-assembly furniture and invest in something that’s beautiful and sustainable.

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What is a Sustainable Coffee Table?

We like to think of sustainable coffee tables as furniture pieces that do as much for the planet as they do our homes. Lots of traditional coffee tables are made using cheap materials that hurt their quality and durability. Plus, many of them contain chemicals and toxins that can contribute to off-gassing, which is especially problematic for homes with pets and children. 

Our sustainable coffee table finds are made with responsibly sourced materials and constructed using eco-conscious business practices. You won’t find any toxins or flimsy, breakable products here – just quality items made with real materials that you know will stand the test of time. 

Top 6 Sustainable Coffee Tables: How We Chose

As we rounded up our list of the best sustainable coffee table brands, we looked at the materials used, labor practices, and sustainability efforts each brand makes. Only the best of the best made it to this list. Each of our picks makes a genuine effort to give back, whether through using sustainable materials, recycling items, or designing pieces that are truly made to last a lifetime. 

Our Picks

Full List: Our Favorite Sustainable Coffee Table Brands 

Check out any of our favorite brands for more sustainable furniture finds.

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1. Etsy Reclaimed

Sustainable coffee table crafted from reclaimed wood
Best forSustainable wood coffee tables
Sustainability EffortsRepurposed materials, ethical labor practices
Price Range$ – $$$

Etsy Reclaimed is not a brand itself, but a collection of items created by small teams and independent sellers. It’s the perfect place to look for a sustainable wood coffee table. Choose from tables of all shapes, sizes, and price points to find your dream piece. 


Repurposed wood tables are made by hand, which means they’re often one-of-a-kind. You don’t have to fork over a fortune to get a unique item, and you don’t have to shop for brand new pieces to find something gorgeous.

As a Certified B Corporation, Etsy is committed to offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from orders. So, no matter which seller you shop with, you can feel good about your purchase. 

Things to Consider

One potential downside of choosing a reclaimed wood table – or any handmade piece, for that matter – is potentially not having as much access to returns or repairs. Make sure you review the shop policies for the seller you’re considering purchasing from to learn more. 

2. Burrow

Serif Square Coffee Table: A sustainable coffee table with an oak wood finish
Best forMinimalist coffee tables
Sustainability EffortsResponsibly sourced materials, made in the US
Price Range$$

Burrow is a US-based brand offering simple, but timeless sustainable furniture pieces, including several coffee tables. If you’re a fan of neutrals and crisp, clean designs, Burrow will be right up your alley. 


All Burrow coffee tables are made in the US with responsibly sourced walnut and oak wood. Their designs are modern, but thoughtful; you won’t get sick of looking at your table after a few years, and its aesthetic won’t ever go out of style.

Things to Consider

If you’re not a fan of minimalism, you might not love the limited color and design options Burrow offers. But that’s okay – there are still plenty of other brands to choose from!

3. Sabai

The City Table: Honey Top & Sage Leg Combo
Best forModern styles and pops of color
Sustainability EffortsNon-toxic, recycled materials
Price Range$$

Sabai is one of the most popular sustainable furniture brands on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. Their beloved City Table combines everything we love about ethical furniture with a fun, modern twist. 


We know we can turn to Sabai for well-made items that won’t fill our homes with toxins or harsh chemicals. All pieces use a water-based finish and safe, recycled materials. The wood you see comes from trees in Baltimore, not from a questionable overseas source. The brand even uses 100% recycled paper packaging for all orders!

Things to Consider

Sabai doesn’t have a ton of table options. Seating is the brand’s primary focus, but it’s possible that future design collections might include some new pieces.

4. Maiden Home

The Vestry Coffee Table in Pecan Oak finish—a sustainable option for your living space
Best forHigh-end, timeless pieces
Sustainability EffortsHandcrafting, sustainably sourced materials
Price Range$$$

The beloved sustainable brand Maiden Home creates luxury furniture with the utmost care. If you want to invest in something that you’ll potentially never have to replace, it’s worth splurging on something from Maiden Home.


All Maiden Home coffee tables are made to order with materials that are sourced by hand. Each table is carefully crafted by a skilled artisan who takes the time to choose the right textiles, woods, and finishes to create the perfect result.

Things to Consider

What makes Maiden Home so great is that its pieces are masterfully-made, but that also comes with a steep price tag. Maiden Home is by far the most expensive brand on our list.

5. Avocado

Zero Waste Coffee Table in Blonde—a sustainable choice for your home
Best forStylish coffee tables, desks, end tables, and more
Sustainability EffortsZero waste, sustainably sourced materials, upcycling
Price Range$$$

Avocado does it all. From ethical bedding to non-toxic furniture, Avocado is always pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to rethink the products we use on a daily basis. Their Zero Waste collection features plenty of gorgeous tables, and their other options are also great eco-conscious finds. 


Avocado is a Climate Neutral Certified brand, which means they always uphold the highest environmental standards in their sourcing and labor practices. The brand also uses non-toxic glues and wood stains to finish its pieces: no VOCs here!

Things to Consider

If you shop the Zero Waste collection, you can get a complete matching set of sustainable tables and accessories. Benches, stools, accent tables, and more are all available. 

6. Next Best Thing: Kaiyo

Kaiyo's sustainable secondhand coffee tables for eco-friendly home furnishing, pictured is a wooden coffee table with golden hued legs
Best forHigh-end, timeless pieces
Sustainability EffortsUsed furniture, forest restoration
Price Range$ – $$$

While Kaiyo may not make sustainable pieces itself, it does offer secondhand coffee tables to encourage the world to reuse and recycle instead of shopping for something new. 


Think of Kaiyo as your online pre-loved marketplace. It carries plenty of high-end and stunning designs at affordable prices. This is a great way to pick up something that would otherwise cost you an arm and a leg. The best part, though, is that Kaiyo plants a tree for every order you complete!

Things to Consider

Kaiyo uploads high-quality images and provides lots of details about products so you know exactly what you’re buying. However, buying secondhand means you might want to pay a little extra attention to the wear and tear or materials used in each table. 

How to Shop for a Sustainable Coffee Table You’ll Love

Shop for a sustainable coffee table that will bring your living space together with these helpful tips in mind.

  • Consider your materials. Wood isn’t the only sustainable material that can go into a coffee table. Recycled materials, glass, and metals might also be used. Think about the materials you want and how you’ll take care of them as you shop.
  • Think about design. Most coffee tables are round, square-shaped, or rectangular, but there are funky and avant-garde options to choose from, too!
  • Establish a budget. Paying for something sustainable should (hopefully) help you save money in the long-run, but it’s a good idea to set a budget and stick to it.

We hope these sustainable coffee table brands help you discover pieces that will help your house feel like a home.

Feature Image via Avocado

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