Create Scrumptious & Safe Meals: 5 Non Toxic Slow Cooker Picks

non toxic slow cooker from GreenPan, shown on a kitchen counter with someone lifting the inner compartment partially out of the cooker

Certain ingredients, like PFOA, are considered legal to use in the U.S. because they are generally nontoxic, but when they get heated or damaged, they can become toxic. And let us tell you something about slow cookers: they get pretty hot! Plus, your food sits in a slow cooker for a long time, meaning you want to ensure that no unwanted ingredients or toxins can seep into your food. 

We make an effort to ensure that our food is healthy and that it nourishes our bodies, but sometimes, without even knowing it, some of the materials in our cooking utensils might not be as healthy and nourishing as we would like. 

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What is a Non Toxic Slow Cooker?

A non toxic slow cooker uses safe, natural materials on the inside. The inside of a non-toxic slow cooker is usually ceramic or made with clay. Overall, a non-toxic ceramic slow cooker uses only natural ingredients and can be just as conveniently non-stick as any other slow cooker. 

A truly non-toxic croc pot or non-toxic slow cooker must also be lead-free. There are also some slow cookers that use PFAS-free interiors. No matter its specific features, a non-toxic slow cooker can help you stay safe while you cook without sacrificing the benefits you’ve come to expect.

Top 5 Non Toxic Slow Cooker Product Picks: How We Chose

We looked for brands that we already knew we could trust to make non toxic cooking supplies, and we also double-checked the materials on the interior of the cooker to ensure that there were no unwanted chemicals present. 

Each of these non toxic slow cookers is made to last with materials you can trust. We also prioritized those that are fairly priced, considering their durability and special features. Let’s dive into some of our favorite product picks!

Our Picks

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1. Our Place Perfect Pot

Our Place Perfect Pot Non Toxic Slow Cooker shown with a wooden spoon resting on one handle
MaterialsAluminum body, non-toxic ceramic nonstick coating, beechwood spoon
Capacity5.5 quarts
Dishwasher SafeNo

This PFAS-and lead-free stove-to-oven pot is designed to combine every cooking piece you’d ever need into one item. While not a traditional slow cooker, it’s oven-safe and can be used for everything from boiling to steaming to stewing. 


A non toxic and exclusive ceramic nonstick coating and a sturdy body make this pick perfect. Use it to slowly cook your favorite soups, stews, roasts, and more, all with the help of its complementary beechwood spoon. 

Things to Consider

To protect the coating that you’ll find on this cooker, it’s best to avoid sticking it in the dishwasher. Hand wash it using low-medium heat and a gentle soap. If necessary, deep clean the pot with boiling water and a pinch of baking soda, but avoid harsh abrasives or scours. 

2. Green Pan Elite 6-Quart Slow Cooker

Prepare Healthy Meals with the GreenPan Elite Non Toxic Slow Cooker, pictured on a kitchen counter near an open cookbook and assorted vegetables
MaterialsDiamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating, silicone, tempered glass, stainless steel
Capacity6 quarts
Dishwasher SafeYes

Look no further than Green Pan for a classic, PFAS-free slow cooker that will stand the test of time. This model is large enough to work for families and meal prepping. It also has plenty of extra features to make cooking a breeze. 


Green Pan’s Thermolon Volt is designed to withstand the wear and tear many modern appliances face. It uses a diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating to protect the interior of your slow cooker for years. We also love the cooker’s LCD display and easy cooking presets! 

Things to Consider

Green Pan does offer a limited warranty for all of its electronic products, but there’s no clear mention of a specific policy for this slow cooker. Be sure to check out the warranty details that come with your order so you know what to do should your product turn out defective. 

3. Vitclay Organic Clay Stock Pot and Multi-Crocks

Healthy Cooking with Vitclay Organic Clay Multi-Crocks Slow Cooker
MaterialsUnglazed clay, silicone, metal cooker base
Capacity6 quarts
Dishwasher SafeNot listed

For something a little different, consider this non-toxic slow cooker and pressure cooker from Vitaclay. It utilizes unglazed clay to enhance the flavors and textures of your food while providing an even cook. 


This slow cooker uses a lead- and toxin-free coating to prevent your dishes from sticking to the clay interior. It’s also capable of cooking dishes up to four times faster than standard slow cookers thanks to its pressure-cooking features.

Things to Consider

While this may look and function like most other pressure cookers, it notably does not have the ability to cook rice. It’s optimized for cooking things like soups or broths, not necessarily for pressure cooking any and everything. 

4. Vitaclay VM7900 Smart Organic Multi-Cooker

Smart Cooking with Vitaclay Organic Multi-Cooker - Safe & Non Toxic, pictured with a completed rice dish as well as assorted fruits and vegetables
MaterialsUnglazed clay, silicone, metal cooker base
Capacity4 quarts
Dishwasher SafeNot listed

Vitaclay has come to impress yet again with this non toxic slow cooker, which also doubles as a rice cooker, bean cooker, casserole maker, and more. It uses the same classic unglazed clay interior to preserve nutrients, enhance flavors, and produce hearty meals.


This device is fully programmable, which makes it easy to customize your cooking routine to your liking. It uses a double-lid design to add micropressure to your meals, helping them steam and boil faster and ensuring they’re as tender and flavorful as possible.

Things to Consider

This slow cooker comes with a one-year limited warranty. If you run into any defects or if your product stops working within this time frame, you should be eligible for a replacement or refund.

5. Budget Find: Elite Gourmet MST-275XR Electric Oval Slow Cooker

Elite Gourmet: Safe and Healthy Non-Toxic Slow Cooker pictured in red with a clear lid
MaterialsTempered glass, ceramic insert, stainless steel base
Capacity2 quarts
Dishwasher SafeYes

Being on a budget doesn’t mean struggling to find non toxic cookware. This slow cooker from Elite Gourmet features a stoneware ceramic insert pot.


This slow cooker has three easy-to-use heat settings: low, high, and keep warm. Dump your meal in, place the tempered glass lid on top, and go about your business; you’ll come home to a hot meal within a few hours. 

Things to Consider

This slow cooker is a budget find, so it’s likely not made with the same quality materials as some of our other finds. Still, it has a ceramic insert, a key feature we looked for in our non toxic picks.

How to Choose the Best Non Toxic Slow Cooker for You

Before you make the final call on which non toxic slow cooker is right for you, consider these important factors that might influence your decision.

  • Materials: Most no -toxic options will use a ceramic insert or clay to keep your food safe. But you might also want to pay attention to the materials used elsewhere, like the lid or the handles.
  • Capacity: Ensure your slow cooker has enough space to fit your meals. A two-quart cooker is probably big enough if you’re cooking for one or two people. Otherwise, you might want to opt for up to six quarts.
  • Features: How do you plan to use your slow cooker? Consider what additional features and cook modes your ideal product might have.

You now have what you need to select the right non toxic slow cooker for your needs and budget. We hope these tips and picks help you make the best choice possible!

Feature image via Green Pan

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