The 5 Best Hemp Leggings, Based on Our Research

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Whether you’re active, lead a busy lifestyle, or simply like to live in loungewear, hemp leggings should be a staple of your wardrobe. You may not realize it, but hemp has many uses, one of which is as a textile. Below, we explore some of our favorite hemp leggings and what makes them unique. We’ve got the best and brightest the market has to offer, all in one place. Let’s dive in!

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What are Hemp Leggings? 

Most hemp leggings either contain 100% hemp textiles or are made with a hemp-based blend of materials. You might not expect to see hemp in your clothes, but it’s actually a bit of an activewear superstar. 

Hemp’s natural properties – breathability, resistance to bacterial growth, and durability – make it an ideal pick when you’re on the move. It’s much stronger than options like cotton, and it has a minimal impact on the planet. 

You can count on hemp leggings to be lightweight, moisture-wicking, and, above all else, highly comfortable.

Top 5 Hemp Leggings: How We Chose

Not all hemp leggings are created equal. We wanted to only elevate the hemp legging options that are made with quality materials by trustworthy sellers. As we sifted through dozens of options, we considered each product’s composition, price, customer reviews, and special features. Below are some of the best leggings we found on our hunt. 

Our Picks

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1. Jungmaven Orosi Leggings – High Rise

A woman wearing white Jungmaven Orosi hemp leggings
CertificationsNot listed
Material27% hemp, 61% organic cotton, 12% spandex jersey
Size InclusivityXS to XL
Machine Washable?Yes

Jungmaven leads the way with these classic hemp leggings. They’re close fit but still plenty stretchy – perfect for yoga, walks in the park, or whatever else your day has in store.


We love that Jungmaven makes it simple to create outfits that will last. Choose from one of five staple colors to build a wardrobe of sustainable clothing that works with your body.

Things to Consider

These leggings have a pretty high rise. They should fall just above your belly button. But if a high-rise fit isn’t for you, it’s probably best to skip this pick.

2. Jungmaven Classic Sweatpant

A man wearing brown Jungmaven hemp sweatpants
CertificationsNot listed
Material55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
Size InclusivityXS to XXL
Machine Washable?Yes

We’d argue that these unisex hemp sweatpants are a great option for men’s hemp yoga pants. They’re roomy, incredibly soft, and come in plenty of fun colors.


On each pair of sweatpants, you’ll find two front-slash pockets that give you access to plenty of room to store your phone, wallet, keys, and more. These also come with an internal adjustable drawcord that’s hidden from sight.

Things to Consider

Jungmaven will accept returns for unworn, unwashed products so long as they still have the tag attached. Return your pants if you aren’t satisfied within 30 days for a refund.

3. prAna Bohemia Hill Legging

Woman standing in pRana hemp leggings with a floral pattern
CertificationsFair Trade
Material53% hemp, 42% organic cotton, 5% elastane
Size InclusivityXS to XL
Machine Washable?Not listed

Feel groovy as you step into these prAna hemp yoga pants, which are just as stylish as they are sustainable.


There’s a surprise waiting for you at the back of your waistband – these leggings come with a hidden pocket! They also have a triangular Coolmax gusset added for extra comfort and reinforcement. 

Things to Consider

These pants are definitely one of the most expensive options out there. While they are made from nice materials, we’re not sure if there are enough special features to warrant the high price. Style and design are some of these leggings’ biggest perks.

4. AsatreCo Hemp Leggings: Classic

A woman with a green shirt wearing AstareCo hemp leggings from Etsy

5. AsatreCo Hemp Leggings: Pockets

A woman wearing AstareCo hemp leggings from Etsy
CertificationsNot listed
MaterialHemp, spandex, cotton
Size InclusivityXS to XXL
Machine Washable?Yes

Keep it simple with these budget-friendly hemp yoga pants and hemp pocket leggings. Choose a size and color that fits your needs – all without breaking the bank.


Each of these legging options is handmade by a small business. You can support sustainable business practices and get a great pair of leggings at once!

Things to Consider

AsatreCo recommends washing your hemp leggings with cold water and drying them with low heat to avoid shrinking the fabric.

How to Choose Hemp Leggings

Clearly, there are plenty of hemp leggings to choose from. That means you’ll have to know what to look for so you can sort the scores from the misses. Keep factors like these at the top of your mind as you search:

  • Materials: Most hemp leggings are actually hemp blend leggings, but some options may be pure hemp. Blends can offer additional benefits and are usually easier to care for.
  • Size: What sizes are available? Is there a size chart you can consult to make sure you choose the right one?
  • Care: Determine if you’ll need to hand-wash your leggings or if they’re safe to toss in your regular washer and dryer.
  • Price: More expensive options aren’t always “better” – if the price is high, there should be something special about your leggings to account for it. 

Now, get out there and start shopping! No matter what you choose, you’re sure to love the many benefits of opting for hemp-based clothing.

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